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We Want Gluten Free and Non-Dairy Treats – Coffeehouse Challenge

April 29th, 2013 at Mon, 29th, 2013 at 4:55 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie

We Want Gluten Free and Non-Dairy Treats – Coffeehouse Challenge

Mocha with Coconut Milk - Coffeehouse Challenge

Ah yet again! I try to make plans with a friend to meet up for a chat over coffee.  As we discuss where to go, it seems that home is the only place where we can go to get a good cup of         Non-Dairy, creamy lusciousness for our coffee or latte and a safe Gluten Free treat … sigh …

I have decided to make a Coffeehouse Challenge.

We want Gluten Free and Non-Dairy treats at our Coffeehouses!                                                     It is time that Gluten Free Foodies and Non-Dairy consumers have a seat in the Coffeehouses too!

Let there be Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Hazelnut Milk and Hemp Milk!  These are healthier and creamier options than rice and soy.  If you are a Coffeehouse owner or manager, mIght I suggest contacting SoDelicious, Pacific Foods or Living Harvest -Tempt ?!

Non-Dairy Chocolate Hazelnut Milk - Coffeehouse Challenge

It is a dream for me to go into a coffeehouse and order a freshly brewed drip coffee with Coconut Milk creamer, an Almond Milk Latte, a Vanilla Hemp Macchiato or a                      Hazelnut Milk Mocha!

Coconut Barista creamer Gluten Free Non Dairy - Coffeehouse Challenge

 It would be lovely to order a specialty – Non-Dairy creamy frozen drink too! You know the fancy ones that most coffee shops make for various seasons.

Heck, an iced coconut or hazelnut milk mocha would send me to the moon!

 While we are on the subject, how about adding a wrapped Gluten Free bakery item from a Pacific Northwest Gluten Free and Vegan company such as Jodee’s Desserts in Seattle or Petunias Pie’s and Pastries in Portland, Oregon?!! There are so many small businesses that would love the extra wholesale business!  Contact me if you need help finding a Gluten Free bakery in your area.

Did you know that the Gluten Free product market is the fastest growing segment in the food industry?   It is expected that the Gluten Free market is going to surpass $4.2 Billion this year!!! That is an enormous segment of the market that coffeehouses are missing out on if they choose to ignore this challenge.

In the meantime, I guess we will meet at my house and enjoy my home brew and favorite homemade Chocolate Almond Cupcakes. 

GF Chocolate Almond Cupcake - Gluten Free Dairy Free Coffeehouse Challenge

 We want Gluten Free and Non-Dairy treats at our Coffeehouses!

If you are up for the Coffeehouse Challenge this is what you need to do

  • add Non-Dairy milks – Coconut, Hemp, Almond or Hazelnut to your beverage menu
  • add Gluten Free bakery items prepared in a Gluten Free kitchen and wrapped to keep them safe from cross-contamination 
  • send me the name of your coffeehouse and address or website – across the US is great!
  • I will post it on this blog, update it and share the information with everyone
  • If you are a reader and you find a Coffeehouse that serves one of these Non-Dairy milk alternatives and/or Gluten Free treats, send me an email and a picture if you have one.  I will post it and share it!

Please email Lisa

I look forward to hearing from you!


Ok so I have some updates from the Seattle area.

Coffee and Specialty Bakery – Pike Place Market 1500 Western Ave – everything is Gluten Free and they offer Almond and Hemp milk to make the BEST coffee from Illy!

Better Living Through Coffee aka BLT Coffee – 100 Tyler Street, Port Townsend, WA – Awesome Organic and sustainably grown coffee.  Their coffee is so good event the decaf is awesome! They offer a few Gluten Free and Vegan cookies and Tamale pie, Organic coffee and coconut milk and almond milk.




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