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Top 10 Gluten Free Foods in My Pantry

October 14th, 2009 at 10:45 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
I have to say that finding out that you have a diagnosis of Celiac or Gluten Intolerance is a hard blow.  I think it is because all cultures are defined by food.  We go to food for celebrations and frustrations.  We want to eat what we want, when we want it.  I know when I started out I had no idea as to what to expect to eat each day.  I just thought I would figure it out as I went, besides it was a short list and easy to remember.  Don’t eat Gluten – Wheat, Barley, Rye and Oats.   

That was the wrong way to go because it made for many set backs and temptations.  If I didn’t have a plan I would somehow make excuses or try to convince myself that the “easiest and  fastest” option was actually GLUTEN FREE and it probably wasn’t.  Oh …. I paid for it royally!   My pain would last for days and little did I realize that I was actually doing more damage than good.  So please, take my advice and make a plan.  Make a menu as to what you will eat for the first few weeks.  Have a few options that will allow a little flexibility in your routine.  Here are a few examples as to what I keep on hand at any give time.  My pantry is actually a recycled locker. I repainted it a matted silver and cleaned it out several times. (It is 10 ft high by 3 or 4 ft wide) … old school … I know but it is fun to use it and reminds me of all the lessons that I have learned through this process.

 1) Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes with cream cheese and jelly
I also like these with peanut butter and jelly or any sort of Nut Butter and Jelly.

2) Hot Cereal like Cream of Rice with dried fruit like blueberries or cranberries and coconut.
This really helps me on days that I really want Oatmeal.  The other thing you can do is use leftover brown rice and add some of your favorite milk, coconut milk, almond milk or soy and heat it up in the microwave.  Add the same dried fruits, walnuts, pecans and coconut.

3) Eggs any way you like them, Frittata, Omelett, scrambled  or over easy … I like them all ways but I must have hot sauce!

4) Grilled Chicken – always great to have as a hot meal with veggies, wrap for lunch, in a salad or a bowl with rice and sauteed veggies.

5) Amy’s Refried Black Beans (low sodium)  or Traditional – This is just a great side dish or main meal at 3 g of fat or 7 g of protein.  Sometimes I have a scoop of beans and a corn tortilla with my eggs to make Huevos Rancheros.

6) Corn Chips or Corn Tortillas – I really like Mission Style White Corn Chips but if I am in the mood for something a little heartier I will get Tostitos or Fritos, the scoop style.  I use them in place of croutons in a salad if I just want more of a crunch.  I also mix them with my eggs and top with salsa.  The obvious way to eat them is as nachos or with a dip - bean or guacamole.

7)  Pacific Food Natural Broth - This is just great to use as a base for homemade soup or to use in place of  water for brown rice, quinoa or mashed potatoes to add more flavor.

8) Any of Pamela’s Products – Cookies or Biscotti – really all of her mixes and products because they are all so versitile and easy to make! 

9) Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bar - It is Dark Chocolate without SOY and Almonds which are good for you … need I say more?

10) Instant Potato Flakes – I like to have these on hand at all times to make the obvious mash potatoes.  I also like to use these as a “breading” to coat chicken  or pork chops. If I the rare chance that I am out or low I will also use crushed up plain potato chips, which add an extra crunch!

I hope you find this helpful and in honor of Gluten Free Awareness Month -

  • Celiac Disease is not a food allergy.
  • Celiac Disease is an inherited disease and effects those with a predisposition.  You can not catch Celiac.
  • A trigger: some environmental, emotional or physical event in one’s life. While triggering factors are not fully understood, possibilities include, but are not limited to adding solids to a baby’s diet, going through puberty, enduring a surgery or pregnancy, experiencing a stressful situation, catching a virus, increasing WBRO products in the diet, or developing a bacterial infection to which the immune system responds inappropriately. For more information go to the Celiac Sprue Association.
    I look forward to seeing you!     Lisa – Gluten Free Foodie
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