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Celebrate the foods that you can eat!

My Favorite – Samudra Yoga, Coffee, Tea and Treats – Gets My Vote!

September 1st, 2010 at 5:22 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I am so happy for everyone at Samudra Yoga, Coffee, Tea and Treats because they have been nominated as Best Yoga Studio for King 5 TV's - Best of Western Washington! Vote for Samudra Yoga - NOW! Located in Bremerton at 1223 McKenzie Avenue - along the Evergreen Park amongst the green grass, trees and by the waterway.  Every time I walk into Samudra I feel as though I am in eternal summertime.  The studio space is tranquil and yet invigorating at the same time.  Natural light flows in from the windows and casts a beautiful glow of the soothing hues of turquoise, green and accents of orange all of which remind me of the beach.  It is the perfect place to practice yoga upstairs and then to get something to eat and drink downstairs after your yoga class. 
They offer a variety of Yoga classes throughout the week, various times and for all levels of yogis - new and old. Basic, Intermediate, Restorative, Gentle Yoga for Seniors and Pre-Natal are all offered at various times of the month or year as a regular class or a workshop.  One of the classes is called "Stiff White Guys" and is meant for those that are flexibility challenged including females.  You can sign up for Yoga classes and workshops online at  I value my yoga practice and find that it is a great way to help me manage living a Gluten Free lifestyle.  It helps me relax and restore my energies to help me focus on making good food choices by creating good meals for total wellness. Speaking of Gluten Free Food ... they make the best Gluten Free -Cupcakes, Cookies, Scones, Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls.  They also offer Vegan and regular treats too!  Call ahead to make sure they are not sold out of the Gluten Free treats or you can also place a special order as well.  360.377.4227 Don't forget to Vote for Samudra Yoga ... and tell your friends to vote too! Voting ends Tuesday, October 12, 2010. Namaste Lisa GLUTEN FREE FOODIES for events or more info about living a Gluten Free lifestyle.

GLUTEN FREE Night at the Mariners Game Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 27th, 2010 at 10:51 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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 How exciting ... even the Mariners are going to celebrate a GLUTEN FREE Night on Tuesday, August 31, 2010!

Come join at least 100 of your fellow Gluten Free Mariners Baseball Fans at Safeco.  I think it is a perfect way to wrap up our summer season by supporting our Mariners and creating more awareness about living Gluten Free.  Safeco Field has been offering Gluten Free Food since opening day this year. 

Tickets are specially priced at $11 (regularly $20) and a GLUTEN FREE seating section is reserved for GLUTEN FREE FANS!  The best part is that the concession stand near SEC 347 will feature a larger selection of GLUTEN FREE FOOD -
Hot Dogs with Gluten Free Buns, Gluten Free Beer and as always in the Terrace Club by SEC 249 ... Gluten Free Fish & Chips!

Angels vs Mariners
Gates open at 5:10 PM and the first pitch is at 7:10 PM

The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) will also be there handing out information about living Gluten Free.

Looking forward to seeing you in around SEC 337for the seats and SEC 347 for the GLUTEN FREE FOOD ...
the Cool Section ...

Play Ball ....


Fabulous Gluten Free Food Drive Kick-Off!

August 22nd, 2010 at 8:33 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Well, I have to say last night's event at Anthony's in Bremerton was all about Gluten Free and FABULOUS! The table was perfectly set in a corner of large windows overlooking the marina. The gracious staff was so helpful and sweet making sure we had everything from their monthly special - Peach Lemonade to quench our thirst to our perfectly made Gluten Free food - Fresh Alaskan Halibut with Pineapple Mango Salsa was a big hit, Fresh Wild Chinook Salmon with Sundried Tomato Basil Butter, and I saw several orders of Lobster Tail! Then the desserts came out and I think it was a tie between Peach Ice Cream and Burnt Cream.
The big event of the night was the donations of the non-perishable Gluten Free Foods the box was practically over flowing! Such generous hearts shown by everyone bringing their favorite foods like Bob's Red Mill Mixes, Pamelas Products Mixes, DeBoles Pasta, Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and Asian Helper and the big surprise donation of the night ...     Gluten Free Bisquick!
It was so great to meet all the new people from all over the Seattle area. I just love seeing such a great mix of people having such a great time.  I really love hearing such interesting stories and how they connect us.  It is such a great feeling to know that we can actually have fun and celebrate living a healthier Gluten Free lifestyle.  Thank you to everyone that attended for the donations.  
A really big thanks to the Anthony's at Bremerton staff for such a great service and delicious food from their Gluten Free menu.   Thank you to the General Manager, John Heidt for giving us the best spot in the house and making us feel at home.  I think I can say that we all loved meeting Chef Paul and chatting with him about our Gluten Free meals and the menu.  Last but not least, Anthony's real gem, Angel our server was the best! It is so great to talk to a server that knows what it is like to be Gluten Free because she too has Celiac. 
Looking forward to meeting all of the additional people that contacted me that could not make it to this event.  We will be collecting donations for the Kitsap County Food Bank Coalition through our November 18th meeting, just in time for Thanksgiving!
See you next time ...
Sunday, September 26th from Noon - 2PM at Stella's Pizza & Pasta in Poulsbo.  Please RSVP to me at
Thank you!

Why a Gluten Free Food Drive?

August 18th, 2010 at 11:19 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Lately it seems that all I read in the news is how bad the economy is and how many people are still losing their jobs. It worries me to think that people are stressed, getting sick and they do or don't know why. Did you know that Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance are triggered by high amounts of STRESS or TRAUMA? Well, I would say this economy is enough for everyone to feel sick to their stomachs!

Ever since I figured out that I had Celiac disease, after an auto accident, it has boggled my mind to think it was so hard to figure it out. Now that I know so much more after 7 years of suffering it makes me want to do everything I possibly can to help gain awareness about Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. I want to reduce the amount of pain and suffering that the illness causes because of lack of info or access to healthy Gluten Free Food. I think part of the reason it is so hard to diagnose is because there are over 300 symptoms that may seem minimal or common and so we just deal with it until it gets worse. When the symptoms are vague like headaches - that last for weeks or worse turn into migraines, swelling of joints, depression, anxiety and pain or when we finally can't deal with the relentless major stomach and digestive upset do we finally decide to seek medical attention. Little do we know that all of these are symptoms of Celiac or Gluten Intolerance. Typically the doctors, figure it is something we ate, we get a pill and it is supposed to go away. But then it doesn't because maybe the pill has gluten in it and we continue to get worse. It can happen! If you don't know what is making you sick then how can you get better?

When I was trying to figure out - why was I so sick? My stomach was so painful and nauseated, I would eat toast and get worse. I had headaches for weeks, fatigue so bad I could not get out of bed. Yet I felt so bad I couldn't sleep! I had no strength because my muscles were in spasms and cramps all the time. I felt like hell! I knew I had to figure this out because my body was screaming ... So what is one to do? I had to dig to my core of my foggy brain to think about what was happening. I had to ask myself questions like ... why can't I eat? Why am I gaining so much weight? Why am I so INFLAMED? I looked into all sorts of medical books, magazines and the Internet. I looked up each symptom individually as best that I could. I knew there was a connection. I kept thinking about my blood tests and why was my CRP- C-reative protein aka Inflammation markers or test so HIGH? I looked into what causes that. I just couldn't figure out why I couldn't eat ... and then it hit me as my hair was falling out, my eyes bloodshot like road maps, my cheeks were reddish in some areas, breaking out and grey all over ... not very pretty ... (Thank God there are no pictures!) What is going on? My systems are not functioning, but why? What do they need to function? I am not getting nutrients! Why am I not getting my nutrients? I looked up nutrient deficiency and causes ... there it was ... Celiac Sprue! I went to my rheumatologist's office for a visit later that week. He wanted to do more blood tests. I asked him to include the test for Celiac Sprue. He asked why and I explained my reasoning. He agreed. I remember getting the phone call from my doctor when he got the results ... I remember thinking ... uh oh ... this is serious if my doctor is calling ... and then he said it ... positive results for Celiac Sprue!

This is just my story but there are so many more. How do people figure this out? The only treatment is to go on a very expensive Gluten Free meal plan or diet. (Side-note I don't like to use the word diet because I feel like it implies - fad diet but what is one to do?)

What do people do if they can't afford their home let alone the high cost of Gluten Free food?

This is why I am doing what I can to give back to my community. I want to bring awareness about Celiac Disease to anyone who will read or listen. I want to bring attention to the food banks to increase donations of Gluten Free Foods or "special dietary food". I can't imagine anyone eating food that will make them sick just because they can't afford it or do not have access to it.

So I picked up the phone to ask the food banks in my area, do you get requests from people needing Gluten Free Food? The first one said yes, 2 families. I also asked, do you get donations of Gluten Free Food and the reply was sometimes but not really. I called another and found out that there is a coalition of 8 food banks in my area - Kitsap County Food Bank Coalition. So I made more calls. I went to their monthly meeting the next day. I asked them how many people have the need. Some had the answers and others did not. One of the larger food banks said, "They have 45 people requesting food for their specialty diet and some of those need Gluten Free."
It made us realize that we needed to look into this further and as one person said, "This is all news to me, I didn't know about Celiac Diseases or what Gluten Free Food meant". So they are going to begin to ask the question, do you need Gluten Free Food? Maybe in a few months we will have a better idea as to the number of families in our area that require Gluten Free Foods at our food banks. On the flip side, I asked if the food banks get Gluten Free Food donations and some did and some did not. If they do get Gluten Free Food donations it was rare, they put the food into their "specialty diet section" of the food bank. The people that are on a "specialty food diet" go and select the specialty foods in that area.

My hope is to see you at our kick off this Saturday, August 21 at 5 PM at the Anthony's in Bremerton. I want to see lots of Gluten Free Foodies enjoying a Gluten Free meal together from Anthony's new Gluten Free Menu. I want to hear conversations and see lots of non-perishable Gluten Free Foods being donated. My hope and plan is to collect the donations at each of our monthly meetings from August 21 - November 18 and maybe we will be able to provide a full Gluten Free Thanksgiving Meal to these families in our area.

The kick-off of the Gluten Free Foodies - Gluten Free Food Drive
will not work without YOU!

I need your support and help with this event by having a large turn out this Saturday, August 21 at Anthony's. Please send this posting to everyone and anyone that would be interested in joining us for a Gluten Free meal (regardless if they have to be Gluten Free or not) or anyone that is Gluten Free! Bring your family, friends, neighbors or associates because someone you know probably has Celiac or is Gluten Intolerant!
So the pictures you see here are some suggestions of non-perishable Gluten Free Foods to donate.
Pasta, Quinoa, Baking Mixes, Certified Gluten Free Oats, Cereals, Crackers, healthy snacks like Gluten Free Granola and trail mixes.

Please RSVP for the event on August 21 via email

If you are a Gluten Free Food company and would like to make a donation please contact me.

I think together we can make a difference! I really appreciate your support!


Gluten Free Foodies – Gluten Free Food Drive

August 17th, 2010 at 9:58 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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  Please join me in supporting local Gluten Free Families and our local food banks in Washington.
Bring your non-perishable
Gluten Free Food
to the monthly meetings from
August 21- November 18, 2010
to be donated to the
Join us for Dinner at our table with the best view in the house and
meet other Gluten Free Foodies just like you for the kick-off of the GFF Gluten Free Food Drive
August 21, 2010 5 -7 PM at Anthony's in Bremerton .
Enjoy a delicious Gluten Free meal from Anthony's new Gluten Free Menu!
Located just steps off of the Bremerton Ferry on the water at 20 Washington Avenue in Bremerton. Parking is complimentary on level P1 in the garage, follow the signs. Each person will have a separate tab and will pay at the end of the meal.
 When you bring your Gluten Free food to be donated you will be entered into a
drawing for prizes each month.
 For more information and to RSVP by August 20, 2010 - contact
 Suggested Gluten Free Items to donate -
pasta, cereal, broth, soups, crackers, baking mixes
 We all know how hard it is to follow a Gluten Free lifestyle and how expensive it can be especially in this economy. It breaks my heart at the thought of someone who is Celiac or Gluten Intolerant - not being able to eat Gluten Free and suffer because they can not afford the food. So my hope is to try to gather food to fill the local food banks in Kitsap County. I also hope as we get closer to the holidays that we can provide some full Thanksgiving meals and maybe together, we can make a difference.
Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at Anthony's.

Livin’ Sunshine Gluten Free Raw Food

August 14th, 2010 at 9:05 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I recently went to the Port Townsend Farmers market and discovered Rainie and her absolutely full flavor decadent Raw and Gluten Free foods - Livin' Sunshine. The Port Townsend Farmers Market runs May - September every Saturday 9 - 2. Located in the Uptown neighborhood on Tyler Street and Lawrence Street.

I tried the Blueberry Cheesecake with Coconut Cream topping ... let's just say I walked it back to my car to put it in my cooler bag to enjoy later but ... it did not make it to the car. I was so tempted to take one bite because it was so beautiful ... before I knew it ...
this was the last bite with the gorgeous purple Pansy ... I paused to savor the beauty before me ... a bit of grace you might say for I truly felt lucky that I found Rainie and her Livin' Sunshine.

Rainie has a variety of Raw Gluten Free treats to enjoy like the Coco-Almond Rawola, Live Sweet Onion Crackers ( I bought both and love them.), Live Corn Cilantro Crackers, Sprouted Live Nut Breads, Crunchy Curry Kale Chips, Kombucha and more.
All of the products are live and organic. Raw foods are "cooked" by dehydrating or heating to lower temperatures(up to 116 degrees) to retain nutrients and flavors.

If you are in Port Townsend check out her booth and tell her I said that you must try all of it!

If you are out of the area you can order her products online at Livin' Sunshine.

I love the idea and philosophy of Raw Foods and am very delighted that I can find a variety of delicious snacks a bit easier these days. If you haven't tried a raw food treat you will not be disappointed with Livin' Sunshine. The crunch and flavors combinations of the Crackers and Rawola are very satisfying!
On a sidenote, besides the produce, none of the other vendors offered Gluten Free food.
Namaste Rainie!

Gluten Free Foodies Event at Anthony’s Bremerton August 21, 2010

August 10th, 2010 at 7:33 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Anthony's Burnt Cream made daily! Sounds like a great reason to order dessert first!

While I was waiting for my fellow Gluten Free Foodie, Cynthia, to join me for lunch the other day at Anthony's in Bremerton, I learned that they have a Baker that goes into their restaurant daily to make desserts. That is not common at most restaurants!
So when I told Cynthia ... we decided we must get the Burnt Cream! I also wanted her to try the new Gluten Free menu that started a few months ago. This location is just a few steps off of the ferry and has a sweeping view of the Port of Bremerton. There is seating indoors and out on the deck. Just about every seat in the restaurant has a view of the water so you feel like you are on vacation and sitting in the best seat!

While we were catching up our server, Angel, came over to greet us. We asked for the Gluten Free menu and she told us that she had Celiac Disease too! She actually handed us a Gluten Free Menu on Paper with Starters, Entrees and Desserts - such a great Gluten Free variety. We had a great time talking to her and learning about the menu.

We ordered
Spinach Salad with NW Berries and Hazelnuts
Classic Caesar Salad (sans croutons)
Both served on a beautiful chilled glass plate! How lovely is that on a very hot summer day?

Roasted Garlic Prawns - butterflied with roasted garlic butter, fresh lemon and sprinkled with Gremolata.
Wild Alaska Silver Salmon - oven roasted and finished with sndried tomato basil butter.
Both of these entrees were served with Basmati Rice Pilaf with golden raisins and locally grown seasonal vegetables - green beans!

Please note that you can ask for substitutions like no butter or order the roasted garlic mash potatoes. They are happy to do what they can to make sure you have a great meal.

While we were enjoying our meal, it occurred to me what a wonderful place this would be to have our August Gluten Free Foodies monthly event. Just then, the general manager, John Heidt came over to introduce himself. I asked how the new Gluten Free Menu was started. He explained to me that his mother had Celiac Disease. He also had frequent requests for Gluten Free meals so he worked with the Executive Chef and management at Anthony's to create a full Gluten Free Menu. I told him how wonderful it is to actually have a menu with Starters, Entrees and Desserts written on paper to see a selection of Gluten Free creations to choose from as opposed to trying to make your own guesses at a menu. I was so happy that I told him that I wanted to have our monthly event there.

While we were chatting I also asked for some feedback about an idea that I have been wanting to do for some time. I wanted to start ...
Gluten Free Foodies - Gluten Free Food Drive for the fall. We were all very excited about the idea to be able to support our local community and families. So we are starting it this month at the event!
Gluten Free Foodies - Gluten Free Food Drive and
August 21, 2010 5 pm - 7 pm

Please bring non-perishable Gluten Free Food items to be donated to

Come join us at our dinner table in Bremerton at Anthony's while enjoying their new Gluten Free menu.
Meet other Gluten Free Foodies and learn how this restaurant is making a difference to people living a Gluten Free lifestyle by providing a Gluten Free menu at all of their 19 locations in the Pacific NW.
This will be the kick off to the Gluten Free Foodies - Gluten Free Food Drive. We will be collecting non-perishable Gluten Free Food items from August 21, 2010 - November 18, 2010 at our monthly meetings. For more information, please contact Lisa Garza at Each person that brings a Gluten Free Food donation will be entered into a drawing for prizes each month.

Please RSVP to by August 20, 2010 at 5 PM.

Each guest or family will pay for their own meal on a separate tab. Complimentary parking on the P1 level in the garage located at 20 Washington Ave between 1st and 2nd. Look for the signs in the garage.
I look forward to seeing you at Anthony's in Bremerton and sharing a great Gluten Free dinner and the kick off to the Gluten Free Foodies - Gluten Free Food Drive!

GIG Annual Picnic for Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula – Aug. 15, 2010

August 7th, 2010 at 8:43 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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GIG Annual Picnic for Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula Aug. 15, 2010

Gluten Intolerance Group
Annual Picnic for the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula
Sunday, August 15th, 2010
11 – 4 PM

Chetzemoka Park – 900 Jackson Street, Port Townsend, WA

Special Guest will be Mari Cleven, GIG Teen Tag Leader
Bring your family, friends and teens are encouraged to come to meet Mari!

GIG is supplying the Gluten Free Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Vegetarian Burgers all with Gluten Free Buns!
RSVP by August 12 to
Please bring a side dish or a dessert with a written list of the ingredients used to share with the group. Sue will be looking at it to make sure that there are no questionable ingredients and please be aware of cross contamination when cooking or baking in your home.

Sue Eliot says “Drive north through downtown Port Townsend on Water Street until it ends, then turn left and drive on Monroe up the hill to Blaine. Turn right and it will end at the beautiful little gate for the park. There is parking all along Jackson Street so you don’t have to walk far. We have great facilities there and you can either sit in the shade or out in the sun and go down to the beach for some great treasure hunting. If you would like to bring a blanket or chairs that will enable you to also stay after the picnic for the production of Shakespeare’s Tempest which will be performed on the lower hill in the park. Dress warmly for that.”

Don’t for get to please RSVP by August 12, so we know how much
Gluten Free Food to prepare!
Sue Eliot

Car Pools available for info please contact –
Sue Eliot
Carol McLaren

I know I will be there and look forward to meeting y’all there too!


Gluten Free Foodies

Gluten Free Pizza at Stella’s in Poulsbo!

August 6th, 2010 at 11:50 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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BREAKING GLUTEN FREE NEWS - Stella's Pizza & Pasta has made a big addition to their menu - Gluten Free Pizza! Well, I guess all of my wishful thinking has made it happen ...
When I talked to the owner, Susan Baker,
and asked what was the reason behind this new additon to the menu she said " ... actually one of their best customers at Stella's would bring in frozen Gluten Free pizza crusts so his child could eat out at a real pizza place." Stella's would add their toppings and make the pizza for them. Susan owns both Stella's Italian Dining in Poulsbo and Spiro's Pizza & Pasta in Gig Harbor. She decided that after additional requests for Gluten Free pizza, "maybe it was a good idea to add it and see what happens."

I am thinking they will be very busy after the Gluten Free Foodies hear about this!

As an added bonus from now through September 30, 2010 if you show them this posting you will get $2 off your Gluten Free Pizza!

The crust is thin and sturdy so it holds up to a loaded pizza. They make all of their sauces fresh daily, so they know they are Gluten Free! (Unfortunately the meat sauce is not.) Marinara, Pesto and White Sauce are all ready for the Gluten Free pizza lover to enjoy once again. The menu includes pizza creations like -

Greek Veggie (pictured with fresh the roma tomatos on top!) - Artichoke Hearts, Sun-dried Tomato, Feta, Tomato Sauce and Mushrooms $13.75.

Mediterranean - Pesto, Chicken, Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Feta and Mozzarella (pictured below) $14.75.

White Pizza - Bacon Bits, Spinach, Sliced Pepperoni, Pine Nuts, Black Olives and White Sauce! $13.75. (You had me at Bacon Bits ... !)

These are just $1 more than their regular pizza and are 10 inches. Great deal!

They even have an Oyster and Onion Pizza ... hmm that is something I never heard of on a pizza but who knows?

There are so many more great pizza creations on the menu that you will just have to go to see and taste for yourself. You will not be disappointed. You can actually taste the fresh sauces and all of the layers of toppings. You can also create your own favorite combination!

I have been driving by Stella's at 19980 10th Avenue NE in Poulsbo, every time I go to Central Market. I have somewhat of a chant or mantra that goes something like this ...

Oh please, please, please serve Gluten Free pizza soon!

So I guess the Gluten Free gods were listening and made it happen!

When I walked into the restaurant I was surprised and happy to see such a warm, spacious and tastefully decorated establishment. I felt as if I were walking into someone's home. Fun and creative artwork on the walls, nice lighting and warm rich woods. This is the kind of place where you could hang out with your family and friends for hours and eat really great Gluten Free Pizza!

They also have a Banquet Room with doors. The Banquet Room is available for meetings or events. I asked Susan if there was a fee for the room and she said no fee but the group must make a reservation and order food and beverages! How great is that? I know the Gluten Free Foodies will be meeting there on a regular basis for our monthly meetings!
Stella's Italian Dining - 360 697 4992
19980 10th Ave NE Poulsbo, WA
Spiro's Pizza & Pasta - 253 851 9200
3108 Harborview Drive (downtown) Gig Harbor, WA

Don't forget to bring this posting to Stella's or Spiro's in Gig Harbor to get your $2 off your Gluten Free pizza and tell the you saw it on GLUTEN FREE FOODIES.


P.S. Thank you to "the father and the Gluten Free child" for bringing in the frozen pizza and getting the Gluten Free idea into Susan's mind. Looking forward to seeing you at Stella's soon!
Big thanks to Susan for making a great new Gluten Free addition to her menus!

Gluten Free on the Go!

August 3rd, 2010 at 11:22 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Have Gluten Free treats ...
will travel!

If there is one thing that living the Gluten Free lifestyle has taught me is that you must always take some Gluten Free treats with you.
I usually carry a small red ice cooler with me in the car but I found this cute new bag that is eco friendly and insulated! There is a new trend for stylish brown baggin' it and I just love it! I found this fun bag in Port Townsend, WA on a recent visit. There are various colors, styles and sizes at The Green Eyeshade swing by or check out the website. This one is really great because it is about the size of a purse and other than the fact that it is bright and festive you might not realize it is a "cooler" or lunch bag. I have used mine to take to local outdoor concerts, picnics or anytime I am running errands in the car. The Green Eyeshade also has a vast variety of kitchen tools and supplies that every chef and baker must have or can't find, all at very good prices. I thought my bag was a good deal at $22.
Port Townsend is a great little town on the north tip of the Olympic Peninsula in WA state. There is a really great beach to walk on or relax while reading a book in the Fort Worden park area. The quaint town has great restaurants and shops along the main road. The summertime is busy with outdoor festivals, weekly farmers markets, Wooden Boat Festival and the best Film Festival! I love Port Townsend and it is a must visit if you are traveling in the area!

A side note, my Stanley Thermos is always with me when I am at the beach or an outdoor event. I usually make some hot tea with local wild honey and cinnamon. It is the perfect way to enjoy our Pacific Northwest afternoons and evenings.
Second side note ... sometimes I make Hot Cocoa with coconut milk or Coffee with coconut creamer and French Market Coffee or ... you get the idea ... something special, since it is hard to find a GF and DF drink treat out.
Check out Stanley
for more info on products and where to buy.

So now I bet you are wondering what I put inside these totally cute bags for ... Gluten Free on the Go

I usually put any or all of these drinks either in the freezer or fridge so that at a moments notice I have something to add to the bag to keep it cool without having to use a reusable ice bag. The cold or frozen drinks help to save space. If it is not a hot summer day, a drink in the fridge will last a few hours, in the insulated bag.

Coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated naturally.

Pacific Foods now has Coffee Lattes made with Vanilla or not and is sweetened. It is also made with milk, for those that can drink it. A really good non dairy option is the Chocolate Hazelnut drink, great cold or perfect to add to a coffee for a special treat while you are out ... Iced Chocolate Hazelnut Latte ... order the espresso and add your own! GF, DF and SF

It is so frustrating that coffee shops only offer soy and rice milk. Beware that not all non-dairy options are Gluten Free and Soy Free.

I absolutely love this snack all the time. It is great to put some of the Bakery on Main granola, without oats, into small containers for portion control for quick trips ... or just take the whole resealable bag with you to share. I love the Apple Raisin Walnut but they have other flavors too!
You can find just about all of these treats at GF Joe's Market
in Tumwater, WA or online They offer free FedEx shipping on orders over $100. You can't beat that and from the comfort of your home!

Gourmet on the Go are great little ready made meals if you are looking for a little something more for your picnic or road trip. It even comes with a fork!

Speaking of road trip, stop by GF Joe's on your way out of town to stock up for the trip. Check the site for store hours.

5739 Littlerock Road, SW Suite 103 Tumwater, WA or call for info 360 628 8010.

Gary West - The best Gluten Free jerky! I love the Angus Steak Strips and the Buffalo Strips.

You can order online direct. I suggest that you sign up for their newsletter to receive monthly specials and discounts.

The following products are Gluten Free
Original Steak Strips (all flavors but Teriyaki)
Certified Angus Beef® Steak Strips (all flavors but Teriyaki)
Silver Fork Natural™ Steak Strips
Buffalo and Elk Strips

Kind bars are a great way to have a little sweet and protein from the nuts. I am hooked on the Almond & Apricot with coconut!

Justin's Nut Butters in squeeze packets are the best way to travel with choice. Ok, most of the time I will choose the nut butters with chocolate but they do offer the nut butters without chocolate as well ... just not pictured because I ate them all on the last picnic.

Love love love to add this to a banana or an apple!

Fruit leathers are a great way to have a very small, thin snack when you need a pick me up. I also like to make sure that I have a handful of nuts with them as well, usually almonds or walnuts to balance with protein.

A bit of advice with these, they can be sticky and tricky to open, try to split it down the back side to avoid a mess.

Raw fruit leathers by Kaia Foods are not sticky and very satisfying treats with combinations like Vanilla Pear (my favorite), Goji Orange, Lime Ginger and Spiced Apple - from organic fruit that is dehydrated at low temperatures so the nutrients and natural sugars stay in place.
The other great thing about this company is that they donate a portion of the sales to food aid programs! Kudos to Kaia Foods! Check out their site to buy these and other great products or to find out where you can get them in your local area.

Did you know that Hot Tamales are Gluten Free?
Good treat when you are at the movies and not sure what your sweet tooth wants or just to enjoy anytime for that fresh cinnamonny hot flavor!

How great are these little Hummus Dips from Wild Garden? Look at the label on the top one in the picture, Gluten Free ... Ready to Eat! Perfect size for a snack. Make sure to have some carrots or chips ready for dipping!
You can also find most of these treats at Nature's Market 26011-104th Ave. SE Kent, WA 98030 (253) 854-5395 in the Seattle area. Nature's Market offers over 500 Gluten Free products in store and online. They also have an annual Gluten Free event in the Fall. Look at their website for more info.
There are so many more treats that I can share with you so check back for more soon. In the meantime ... see you outside in the sun having some Gluten Free food fun!

Off to another outdoor concert ...

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