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Mini Gluten Free Spanish Tortas (Quiche)

April 1st, 2012 at 11:25 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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You could also call this ... Quiche ... Mini Gluten Free Spanish Quiche!

When I think of Spring and Easter I think about eggs.  So when I started dreaming up a menu to serve  Easter Sunday for my family and friends I decided to make something with the Spanish flavors that I love ...
Organic Piquillo Peppers
Naturally Cured Olives
Artichoke Hearts
Sauteéd Yellow Onions

I wanted various serving sizes for all appetites
so I decided to use my ramekins in large and small.
Serve this dish with a simple, clean green salad and a 
balsamic vinaigrette dressing and some seasonal fruit slices.

 Mini Gluten Free Spanish Tortas!
makes approximately 15 servings 

Ingredients for Filling 
4 whole eggs +5 egg whites
1/4 cup half and half
1/4 tsp Rey de la Vera, smoked pimenton
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp Aji Panca, dried
Matiz Organic Piquillo Peppers
Matiz Dequmana Olives
Matiz Artchoke Hearts
1 medium yellow onion, chopped sautéed in Spanish Olive Oil
2 cups Pepper Jack Cheese, shredded

Spanish Filling  - chop all of the piquillo peppers, olives, artichoke hearts and sautéed onions and place it together in a bowl and set aside.

Gluten Free Crust (Pie Crust) Ingredients  
4 1/2 cups Maninis Gluten Free Mulituso Flour  plus a little extra to roll out
1 Tbs *light brown sugar or palm sugar
1 1/2 tsp Flor de Sal, sea salt
4 cold sticks of unsalted butter or 2 cups, cubed
1 tsp vinegar - I used apple cider vinegar
1 large egg

1/2 cup ice cold water + 1 Tbs

parchment paper
self sealing bags

Follow the recipe on the Maninis Blog for the Gluten Free Pie Crust.
***Please note that this recipe is for 3 - 10 inch crusts.

I use *light brown sugar or palm sugar and apple cider vinegar for more flavor. The website calls for white sugar.

Once all of the ingredients are incorporated, I cut the dough in half, formed into a disc, wrapped tightly with parchment paper.  I put it into a self sealing bag and into the refrigerator to chill.
I leave my dough in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours to meld.

I used half of the dough for this recipe. I put the other half, wrapped tightly in parchment and in a freezer self sealing bag and into the freezer for later use.  

Take the dough out from the refrigerator and sprinkle out some GF Multiuso flour onto the pastry board and rolling pin.  Roll the dough out to 1/4 inch and use a round cookie cutter the same size of your ramekin. Cut the disc and then place it on the bottom of each of the ramekins.  Place the ramekins on to a baking sheet.  You can also use a muffin pan if you do not have ramekins.
Bake in a 450 degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until light brown. Take out of the oven and let cool, slightly.

Reduce the temperature of the oven to 400 degrees.

In a medium size bowl add the eggs, half and half, seasonings - mix well using a whisk.
Use a spoon to scoop some of the Spanish Filling onto each of the baked dough in the ramekins or pan.
Pour the egg mixture into the ramekins just covering the ingredients making sure there is enough for all of the servings.  Bake for 10 minutes.  Take the baking pan out with the ramekins and add a little of the cheese to each of the servings.  Place back into the oven for 2 minutes or until the cheese has melted.  Take the pan out of the oven and carefully use a knife to loosen around the ramekin.  Let cool for a few 2-3 minutes before serving.

You can serve each in the ramekin or turn it over on to a plate.  I like to serve this with a light spring green salad with a olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing topped with nuts or seeds and sliced fruit.
I think this is perfect to serve for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.

To good health and a sunny flavorful and abundant Spring!


P.S. You can buy the Maninis Gluten Free flour mixes from their website or if you live in the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR areas - Whole Foods Markets, Thriftway, GF Joe's, Central Markets, Town & Country Bainbridge Island and PCC Markets.  Please check for updates on the Maninis Gluten Free website.

Organic Smokey Aji Panca Mesquite Honey Dressing

March 20th, 2012 at 2:06 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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It is time to come out of hibernation! Today is the first day of Spring and this salad dressing is sure to wake up your taste buds. This dressing is so easy it only takes a few minutes to mix up and you are ready to serve it with your favorite spring mix green salad, grilled or smoked meats and vegetables.
I love it served with a very simple salad (pictured here) of Romaine leaves, with a generous drizzle of the dressing and chopped Marcona Almonds.  The flavor is smokey and sweet from both the Aji Panca and the Mesquite honey.  The Aji Panca has a smokey berry flavor and Mesquite gives it a smokey caramel-like color and flavor.  I think it pairs well with Spanish Manchego cheese shavings as well to add a little creaminess. Any way you serve this with or without meat it is sure to satisfy any appetite to wake the bear inside. It is really fun to make a fresh dressing your friends and family will want the   recipe!
Organic Smokey Aji Panca Mesquite Honey Dressing 
I make this for each salad or meal and there is never a drop left over. 
So make it fresh and double or triple  the recipe if it is for more than 2 people.
1 Tbs Zócalo Gourmet Aji Panca Paste  1 Tbs Zócalo Gourmet Organic Mesquite Honey 1/2 tsp Matiz España Arvum Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar 3 Tbs Matiz España Spanish Olive Oil 1/4 tsp fresh ground Black Pepper 1/4 tsp + a pinch Matiz España Flor de Sal 1/2 tsp lemon or lime juice When you first open your jar of Aji Panca paste add the lemon juice to the jar with a pinch of Flor de Sal and mix well with a small spoon.  This will help to wake up the flavor of the Aji Panca and to add a little natural preservative to the jar because the Organic Aji Panca pastes do not have preservatives in them. 1 tablespoon is 10 calories and zero fat! Add the Aji Panca Paste, Mesquite Honey, Sherry Vinegar, Spanish Olive Oil, Black Pepper and Flor de Sal to a small mixing bowl.  Use a whisk to mix well.  Let sit to meld for 15 minutes, mix again then serve. This recipe is Gluten Free and Vegan.
You can find the products in the Seattle area at The Spanish Table, Whole Foods Markets, PCC Markets and online via the links above. Happy First Day of Spring! Feliz Día de la Primavera! Salud! Lisa 
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NEW Whole Foods Market – Lynnwood, WA

March 15th, 2012 at 12:11 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Lucky ...  lucky people in the Seattle area
waking up today because there is another
This is a fun, bright, spacious, eco-friendly store
that is so wonderful to walk into, it makes you want to create something artistically delicious.
I love all of the details that went into making this store feel so community and family friendly.
They even offer a child playing area for your kids to enjoy while you
 go play your favorite game ... find your favorite foods ... shop!
The staff is so wonderful and each department is so knowledgeable.
They want you to talk to them and ask for assistance.
The health and body care department is offering a new program
to bring your currently used body care and supplement products in to trade for a
safer, cleaner, environmentally responsible body care and supplement for a
Whole Foods private label product!
How great is that?!?
I love that Whole Foods Markets support locally grown produce and products in every store. I know a number of the companies personally, that sell at Whole Foods and love supporting them when I buy their products. Locally grown baked goods, coffee, tea, wine, beer, meat, dairy, seafood and body care all from Washington state along with additional Organic and Fair Trade products.
They have the best selection of Gluten Free foods that I have ever seen in a grocery store!
All of my favorites like Maninis Gluten Free fresh pasta, flours and bread!  Hard to find Gluten Free products from the east coast like Udi's and Against the Grain frozen pizza, Katz Gluten Free Baked Goods - Chocolate Rugelech, Kaiser Rolls, Challah Bread, muffs and more! There is such a big selection of Gluten Free bread there you will forget that you ever missed bread! They also have the largest selection of non-dairy beverages I have ever seen! The refrigerated area has big lighted shelves and doors so you can easily see in.  The doors are so easy to open.  The slick new refrigeration system has fog free doors  and is a eco-friendly - conserving energy system.
Just off of the bakery and ready made meals area at the front of the store is the Allegro Cafe.  There is a great selection of  fresh packaged Gluten Free treats to enjoy with your cup of coffee if you want to sit down and take a break.  Even better is that you can get your selection of non-dairy beverages with your espresso drinks in their Allegro cafe - coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk are all available as choices for you to enjoy with your favorite Whole Foods Allegro coffee.  
This is the first cafe that I have ever heard of that offers such an awesome selection of non-dairy besides soy and rice milk! 
I can't wait to sit down and enjoy my Allegro Latte with Coconut Milk 
and a Gluten Free treat in the cafe!
All I can say is that I wish I lived closer to this store because I would be there shopping all the time!
Congratulations to the Store Team Leader Mindy Jahn and her amazing staff! I am so excited for you to meet them and experience the fun interactions that I had with them.
The amount of food, beverage and body care knowledge and experience within that team is phenomenal.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
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My Favorite Chop Chop Salad

March 4th, 2012 at 5:32 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I love love love Chop Chop Salad!
It is so easy and fun to chop, I make it all the time!
Chop Chop Salad with Columbus Italian Dry Salame
serves 2-4 people 
All of the pieces of this salad are approximately the same size, 1/2 inch. 
2 heads Romaine lettuce, chopped
1 can Organic chickpeas, drained and rinsed with water
1 large cucumber, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 cup radishes, chopped
1/2 cup red onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1/4 cup pepperoncinis. chopped
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
1/2 - 1 tsp of Red Pepper flakes
pinch Sea Salt
Black Pepper freshly grated, season to taste
1 cup cheese - White Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella  optional
Columbus Italian Dry Salame or Peppered, chopped into cubes
approximately 1/4 cup Olive Oil
2 Tbs. Balsamic Vinegar
Add all of the chopped ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
Add the seasonings.
Add some Olive Oil enough to cover all of the ingredients. Mix well using two big spoons or salad fork and spoon.  Add more Olive Oil making sure the ingredients are well coated.
Add the Balsamic Vinegar.
Mix well, cover and place into the refrigerate to chill and meld for 30-60 minutes.
Serve as a side dish or a main course for lunch.
Great to take to picnics or potluck events as well.
I usually add a little more Red Pepper flakes and vary the type of cheese and
which ever variety of the Columbus Salame that I have in my refrigerator.
I love love love Columbus Salame!
I buy it all the time.
The people at Columbus Salame contacted me recently and
sent me some samples.  It was great to connect with them and learn a little more about their products.
Please go to their site for some more fun info on pairing their meats with your favorite beverages.
I love their low sodium, all natural, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives products.
I also love that their products say on the label
Columbus is with me at every occasion -
and always on my shopping list.
I hope you love my Chop Chop Columbus Style Salad as much as I do!  
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HALFPOPS Snacking Gluten Free

March 3rd, 2012 at 3:09 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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This is corn snacking all grown up ... modern ... healthy and flavorful
in a good way
HALFPOPS are just what the name says ...
 half popped or partially air popped kernels of corn.

2 flavors 
Sea Salt
Natural Aged White Cheddar

Gluten Free
Nut Free
No Trans Fat
No Artificial Colors
No Hydrongenated Oil
No Corn Syrup
No Negativity ...
just what the 2 oz bag says!

Made in the USA in Seattle, WA! 

They have a great store locator to find this fun crunchy ... addictive treat.
I like to eat them by hand or 
add them to my salads for a little crunch in place of a bread crouton.
Both flavors are great.  

I was really happy when HALFPOPS contacted me to see if I had 
"experienced their brand new snacking HALFPOPS heart of popcorn."
I didn't know about the fun new treat so the sent me some samples. 

When I opened the box I couldn't wait to try them!
I love them!

I am not saying this because they were complimentary ... 
but I am forewarning you ...
their other name should be
  ... addiction because of the simple flavors, 
little balls of crunchiness and 
natural corn flavors are everything you love about popcorn ...
only better!  

Great for movies at home and I love the little bags to take with you for snacking on the go! 


Marcona Kañiwa Quince Bites – Gluten Free and Vegan

February 28th, 2012 at 1:02 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I have to admit sometimes I get a sweet tooth for something different.  
My sweet tooth isn't for sugar it's for something a little sweet like fruit but with a savory bite.
I really don't like to add sugar to my recipes and
lucky for all of us this one doesn't need it because I used Quince Paste.

The Quince is a relative of Apples and Pears and is a great source for Vitamin A, fiber and iron.
The thing I love most about Quince is that it is naturally high in pectin so it is great to use to stick or bind ingredients together in jams, jellies and paste recipes.  
The savory side of this little bite comes from the Marcona Almonds and the Kañiwa grain. Kañiwa, the smaller, red cousin of the famous Quinoa adds protein and structure to this treat.
My love for this combination of ingredients is the inspiration for my little wrapped bites.
I wanted something convenient  to make that I could take in the car in my lunch bag,
when I run errands, or for a picnic. 
They also make a really cute gift! 

These Quince and Marcona Almond Bites  are so easy to make!
I wanted something small as a snack that would satisfy hunger but also give a little boost of energy.    The best part is that these little bites are 
packed full of flavor, Gluten Free, Vegan, No refined sugar and No Bake!

 Quince Marcona Almond Bites
makes approximately 12 - 14 wrapped pieces with a little extra to enjoy while wrapping.

2 Tbs Organic coconut oil
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp Matiz Flor de Sal, sea salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp clove
1/8 tsp ginger
4 oz Matiz Marcona Almonds - 2 oz finely chopped, 2 coarse chopped
1 1/2 cups unsweeted coconut flakes
IF YOU CARE Eco-friendly parchment paper cut into 12- 14, 3 x5 pieces

In a mini food processor, add the Kañiwa grain, Amaranth, Quince Paste, coconut oil, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg, clove, ginger, 2 oz Marcona Almonds and 1/4 cup of GF Oats. **If you can not tolerate Gluten Free Oats, please substitute equal amounts of unsalted sunflower seeds in place of GF oats.
Pulse the ingredients for 1-2 minutes, on the chop setting.  Be careful not to over process it longer or it will become too smooth. Remove the mixture from the processor and place into a small mixing bowl.  Add the coarsely chopped Marcona Almonds and 1 Tbs of **GF oats.  Mix well with a spoon by hand. This will add a little more texture or ... bite!

Lay out the pieces of parchment paper and place approximately 1 tsp of coconut on the paper.  Use a small spring scoop #100 to measure the paste and place on top of the coconut.  Roll part of the paper over the paste and begin to gently press and roll out.  Pick up the roll and begin to twist the ends in opposite directions as if it were a ... please forgive me ... a tootsie roll.  Continue until the mixture is all wrapped.  Place into a sealed container in the refrigerator over night to meld the flavors and hold their shape.  Keep these wrapped bites in a container and in the refrigerator until you are ready to snack or share.

I think I love wrapping these little bites as much as unwrapping them! 

Pure goodness in every ... bite! 

Best Gluten Free Meal at Haystack

February 26th, 2012 at 5:46 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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What defines a perfect experience for you?
I recently took advantage of a good deal, good weather and went on an unexpected road trip to run down to one of my favorite places in the world ...
I just needed to get away from it all to recharge and unplug.

Little did I know that it was going to be the perfect combination of quite peaceful beauty ...
and just a tad of sweet unexpected moments 
that made this the perfect getaway.

I love love love dark chocolate ...
when was the last time that someone turned your bed down 
and left you some 
dark chocolate on your bed?

I stayed at the perfect location right at Haystack Rock called Surfsand Resort.
I have always wanted to stay there but many years ago when I found the resort, it was under construction.  I knew one day that I would have a chance to go back ...
and this was the perfect time, 
in the middle of winter! 
I have been on their email list for years.  I happened to read one of the emails one evening while the evening news was on. My favorite weather guy was saying how gorgeous the weather was going to be for the next few days.  Dry, warm, 
OK relatively warm ... 
upper 40's low 50's and sunny!
This is not typical winter weather in the Pacific Northwest!

I called, booked my discounted stay, packed my bags and went the next morning.
I always bring some of my favorite Gluten Free snacks and treats so I had plenty for the road trip.  Because it was so last minute I didn't get much of a chance 
to sleuth out the best places to eat Gluten Free.  
Luckily for me when I checked in that evening I remembered that there was a wonderful restaurant right there within the resort along the waterfront. 
The restaurant is called the Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge.  
I went for a walk on the beach to stretch my legs and then went to dinner.  
My timing was perfect to catch the sunset from my table! 

I had the 

I love love love Dungeness Crab ...
so I had to have the 
Dungenes Crab Cakes 
perfectly seasoned with herbs, 
lots of Dungeness Crab that is bound with Shrimp Mousse, 
not flour or bread crumbs! 
Seared slightly crispy and golden, served with citrus aioli.

They were absolutely delicious! A must get when you go to the Wayfarer.

 I love seafood, especially when I am so close to the beach.
I decided to have the 
Potato Crusted Halibut 
a thick fillet of Alaskan Halibut, flaky snow white with crispy slightly salted shoestring potatoes
seared golden and a brown butter sauce - sans cranberries for me.  
Served with broccoli raab slaw, roasted tomatoes, sweet potatoes and strawberries.
Another winner! 

The best thing about the meal was the server.
David made me feel like I was special and not a high maintenance woman.  
When I sat down, I told him that I was Gluten Free and that I had a few extra food allergies. 
He was happy to serve me, he made suggestions with a genuine smile and assured me that the kitchen knew how to prevent cross-contamination.  

It made me feel really, really special! 
Bravo Bravo Bravo David!

This was the sunset that I gazed at while I was relaxing and waiting for my dinner.
I ran out to get a quick picture to capture the moment.
I wanted to make sure when I woke up the next day that it was all real.
It was such a perfect day! 

As a side note, I want to say
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
 to all of the staff - 
 front desk, housekeeping and the Wayfarer Restaurant were all amazing! 
So professional and sweet, I highly recommend that you go and enjoy the experience too! 
I love love love the swimming pool and the location of everything to the beach. 
He got a treat bag and special amenities too! 

I didn't get to do too much because it was a very short trip.  I know that I want to go back and enjoy another wonderful meal at Wayfarer and at the Stephanie Inn, both owned by Martin Hospitality.  
Many, many moons ago I had a wonderful memorable Christmas Dinner 
prior to being Gluten Free.  
I have heard great things about their Gluten Free meals and it will make it a top priority next trip!  

I can't wait to go back! 
Go and please let them know that you saw this posting.  
Maybe I will see you there ...

Safe travels, rest, relax and rejuvenate ...
Haystack Rock and the beach are calling you!


P.S. I wanted to share this special place with everyone because I love Cannon Beach! Everyone loves it once they go! I like that it is quiet during the winter and a special place to take a walk and reflect.  I got a good "Winter Special Discount" because of the time of the year. I was not compensated for this review, I just thought it was a shame not to share such a wonderful experience with you.

Happy Not So … Fat Tuesday!

February 21st, 2012 at 2:43 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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My King Cake!

I know this is an overused phrase but 
I can't believe how fast this year is flying! 
The month of February is almost over and I must admit I've had the hardest time trying to keep to any sort of routine this year.  It just seems like one thing after another - 
holiday ... feast ... food ... clean up ... holiday .... feast ... you get the idea.  
About a month ago when I started to think about Mardi Gras and the recipes that I would post 
all I could think of was ... yuck! 
Honestly, the idea that it is so soon after another holiday filled with overindulgence in sweets, I pushed it aside to the back burner.  I just couldn't think about making food for another day of overindulgence.  I am all for being festive and I do love Mardi Gras.  
I lived in New Orleans as a child for a few years and 
have very fond memories of the city, celebration and Cajun food.  

For some reason this year I feel like I just need to celebrate this holiday in a different way.  
Last night I decided to clean out my pantry and refrigerator.  
I just wanted to clear away anything that was taking up space that wasn't good for me. 
It felt good! 
Almost enlightening and I got the best sleep last night!

Today I woke up craving something that I haven't done in awhile ... 
something so decadent and scrumptious and that I love.  
I was craving my yoga! I find it absolutely delicious when I get back to my mat.  
Yoga and I have this relationship.  We can spend everyday together at our usual time and place.  
Our quite moments are so relaxing and energizing no wonder it can be so addictive, 
in a good way. 
Well, as in any great relationship it just takes a missed appointment, the next day it is later in the day and before you know it you are off your routine.  
Suddenly the time and distance seems to be greater yet never intentional.  Other people, places and commitments just seem to pull you away.  
Well for me it was an injury too my foot that actually made me realize that there was a problem and caused me to forsake my routine and my quality time on my mat.  
One day I just couldn't do it any more, it was painful 
because I had hurt my foot and didn't want to face it.  
I couldn't even sit in the first pose on my mat.
The long and short of it is that it forced me to go to my doctor and take care of it.  

So now, months later after numerous days of self care and many holidays, 
I flirted with the idea of going back to my mat.  
Oh my mat has tried to catch my eye on many occasions just to tease me.  
One day it got too intense when I was wearing my not so fashionable or comfortable boot.  
 I ended up using my rolled up mat to prop my leg up under my knee.
As I glanced at it with a crooked smile it was almost as if it was saying...
well this is better than nothing ... 
At least we had some sort of connection even if it was just to support me.  
After that day my mat and yoga went to the back of my mind.  
I have been getting so frustrated with just trying to get back to walking that yoga seemed like a lost romance from a far away land.

This morning I just about sprung out of bed after getting such great sleep. 
 I made some Café Du Monde coffee, a new little special breakfast ... 
cultured almond milk by ... Amande.  
It is really good and the perfect treat to eat that is non-dairy, no gmo, vegan, soy free, fruit juice sweetened and most importantly ... Gluten Free!  It comes in 8 flavors - plain, coconut, blueberry, raspberry, peach, vanilla, strawberry and cherry!  
I happened to find it at Town and Country Market the other day and thought I would try it.  
I am trying to do everything I can these days to 
keep my inflammation down to heal my body and my foot!  
Dairy, soy and sugar are not good for me in large quantities 
so I am trying to avoid it where and when I can.  

The point of this story is this, living a healthy Gluten Free life to me is about knowing my body.  
Finding the joys in foods that are good for me and 
listening to signals in my body to know if something is good or bad.
Yoga nourishes me, rejuvenates me and gets my appetite going for healthy foods.  
Yoga clears my mind and makes me stop to see the rich colors in things and makes me take deeper breaths to clear away the cobwebs that build up inside.  
Yoga is about living a balanced life.
If you have never tried it I recommend getting the A-Ok from your doctor and finding a gentle yoga class to start your experience.  I think you will really love it! 

Bring on the happy faces! 
This party girl is whooping it up today! 

I have decided to celebrate this
 "Not so Fat Tuesday"
 with the things that I find decadent ...

dark chocolate
a foot massage
music ... always music ... Buckwheat Zydeco on your Pandora station ...

 I am feeling a little festive and can still indulge in the holiday colors ...

my purple yoga mat
my Forest green scented candles 
my yellow gold happy face spatula 

Silly I know but I just didn't want all the yeasty sugar topped bread, 
beads, brawls, parades, flashings or the ticket price to go down there ... 
one of these years I will go back for Mardi Gras ...
I'm perfectly happy with my

Not So Fat Tuesday Tradition!

Laissez les bon temps rouler
Let the good times roll ...


Gluten Free Grilled White, Black and Red Sandwich

February 18th, 2012 at 12:04 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Today is just one of those days ...
a grilled crispy melty sandwich kind of day!
I love sandwiches! They remind me of weekends and summer picnics as a child.
I remember sitting around the table at my grandparents house and it was a production.
All of the ingredients laid out on the table and the fresh bag of chips.
Who would get the extra special folded chips?!?!?
Sandwiches and chips are just the perfect meal when they are stuffed and messy!
Gluten Free Grilled White Cheddar, Black Forest Ham, Red Roma Tomato Sandwich
Easy as a grill pan and a few ingredients ...
and a tad of patience while it gets all melty and crisp too!
This is for one serving ... double or triple it if you need to make more ...
4 slices, thin to fit bread Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese -(TVWESCC)
Applegate Farms Black Forest Ham - (AFBFH) GF and Casein Free
4 slices Red Roma Tomatoes, per sandwich
2 smears of Earth Balance Butter - EBB
Udi's GF Bread (I didn't have my homemade bread)
Unfortunately the pickle on the side is not included because I am out of them! 
Heat a pan to medium.
Smear EBB on the outer side of the bread and place it on the pan.
Add 2 slices of TVWESCC on the bread
Place 2 slices of AFBFH on top of the cheese
Add the tomatoes and 2 more slices of cheese.
squirt the mustard on the inside of bread and smear the outside with EBB,
place it on top.
Turn the sandwich and place a lid on the pan lower the heat to low and cook for 2 minutes.
Turn the heat off and check to see if the bread is browned and the cheese is melty.
When it is ...
lucky you!
Plate it and must serve with crispy waffle salt and pepper chips!
Even better ... put the crispy chips inside and ....
Oh how I love my sandwiches and chips day shared with family and friends! 
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BREAKING GF NEWS! Beecher’s "World’s Best" GLUTEN FREE Mac and Cheese

February 15th, 2012 at 10:41 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I will say it again because I am so thrilled to actually say it ...
is now available at 

$13. 95 18 oz - serves 2 - 4
1% of sales go to 
Flagship Foundation to educate children about the benefits of healthy eating and nutrition.

It REALLY is all about the CHEESE!!!
Rich, creamy handmade Beecher's Flagship and Just Jack Cheeses
are the perfect pairing to Gluten Free pasta! 

The spices are spot on - chipotle peppers, garlic and chili powder!
Beecher's "World's Class" Gluten Free Mac and Cheese 
is the same recipe as the original but the pasta is GLUTEN FREE.

Now I can say I know why Oprah Winfrey chose this as her favorite Mac and Cheese! 
I've been Gluten Free too long and was not able to eat the original. 

The bold flavors are well rounded and real.  
This Mac and Cheese should be served as the center of the table.

Pure and all natural - no nitrates, no preservatives, no colorings and no flavor enhancers.

I had an idea that Beecher's World Class Mac and Cheese - Gluten Free 
was awesome because of Beecher's Cheeses 
 I love to use them in my recipes too.  Now I can finally scream it from rooftops!
Beecher's "World's Best" GLUTEN FREE Mac and Cheese 
There is nothing like the real thing!

This is so awesome you could serve this at a dinner party in your own special dishes.  
Nobody would know it is Gluten Free and a frozen product! 
I won't tell if you don't ...

As I always say ... 

Celebrate the foods that you can eat! 



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About Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie

Learning to live Gluten Free is a challenge. Gathering with like minded people while exchanging ideas, life experiences and gluten free food is more interesting! So I created, Gluten Free Foodies, to support people with Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerant and other Food Sensitive people by gathering at events and celebrating the foods that we can eat! Do you have a Gluten Free question you want the answer to? Feel free to send me an email at Original blog - After all, didn't Erma Bombeck once say ... "I am not a glutton, I am an explorer of food."

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