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Food Day – Do You Eat Real?

October 22nd, 2012 at 11:39 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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What is Food Day you ask?

Food Day is a celebration of healthy, sustainable, affordable food across America!
It is a movement promoting awareness about food sources, hunger, 
nutrition, agricultural policy, animal welfare and farm worker justice. 

Healthy + Sustainable + Affordable + Fair

Although it is a one day nationwide celebration, the Food Day movement encourages creating open discussions with your family, friends, neighbors, chefs, farmers and grocery markets 
about the sourcing and availability of healthy nutritious food. 

This is a favorite topic of discussion with my friend Brandon Perhacs. He is a very talented, sustainable designer on Bainbridge Island.  Creating sustainable products isn't just about his business but a lifestyle choice.  Brandon chooses to buy his food from the local sustainable sources at the farmers market. He enjoys getting everything fresh each week including - baked goods, honey and produce. When he wants to dine out, he consciously chooses to support local restaurants that support our local farmers and artisans.  We find ourselves chatting about how exciting it is that more local restaurants such as Hitchcock and General Store Cafe in Port Gamble support Persephone Farm and other local farms within a few miles of where we live. He sees how excited I get when I can find a Gluten Free menu and Farm to Table restaurant. We agree that by supporting these businesses, we are making healthy choices for ourselves and our community.

"The local food that fuels me, not only nourishes my body but brings sustainability full circle when I create organic abstract products inspired by nature. I enjoy exploring food that is healthy, mostly from plants, Gluten Free, when it is available and the spicier the better!"

So get involved and start the discussion today by attending a 
Food Day event this week!
and take the quiz! 
Do you Eat Real?

So how did you do on the Eat Real quiz?

Want to learn more about your food
by attending a Food Day event on October 24?

There are over 400 events that will be happening nationwide.

To find a event  in your neighborhood go to the  put in your zip code 
and a map will appear with a list to show you a variety of events in your area. 

In the Seattle area, 9 PCC Market locations will be collecting food for our local Food Banks.

A few of the Seattle events are listed here but please go to the Food Day event page for more up to date information. Some events require RSVP so please look for the details on the specific event page. 

I wanted to highlight various partners supporting Food Day this year -

The Monday Campaigns - healthier menus in our schools, 

to learn more about the impressive list of partners and advisory board. 

Follow the Food Day movement and celebration - 
Twitter - 
#FoodDay2012 #EatReal

Facebook - Food Day



Veggie Grill – Fresh, Fast and Very Flavorful!

October 19th, 2012 at 9:45 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I am so impressed with Seattle's newest ...
dare I say it ...
fast food casual restaurant!

Veggie Grill is 
fresh ...
beautifully colorful, 

I am very happy to say that Veggie Grill  has 
planted some roots in Washington! 
Veggie Grill has had such great success on the West Coast and
 it looks like it will continue to grow because they were recently voted
 “Best American Restaurant” in the LA Times 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards!

Veggie Grill puts a fresh and fabulous spin on familiar comfort foods. 
The menu offers a full range of soups, salads, burgers, hot sandwiches, home-style plates,
 desserts and organic teas, all made fresh to order.

They are very accommodating and knowledgeable about food allergies. 
Their menu items decipher which meals or sides are Gluten Free. 
 If you have additional food allergies such as Soy Free or Nut Free, they have a special menu at the register to help you know for sure which items are without your specific food allergies on their menu. 

I can also tell you from experience, that everyone at Veggie Grill is absolutely wonderful!
The minute you walk in the door 
you are greeted by a warm, beautifully smiling face! 
It is wonderful! 
You can even talk to one of the staff about your special dietary needs and they will do their very best to assist you in finding something beautifully delicious and satisfying! 

I really like the idea of being able to go in to a casual restaurant 
and feel confident that I can order some healthy food for me.  

On my first visit, I was lucky enough to enjoy the -

Thai Chickin' Salad without their Chickin' (contains soy) and wontons (contains wheat)
This salad is chopped to perfection, the dressing was lightly tart and sweet - I love love love this salad!

Bean Me Up Chili 
Perfect warm you up chili that just hits the spot! 

"Sweetheart Fries" Sweet Potato Fries without seasoning (contains wheat) 
Always a great treat to get crispy fries that are made in a dedicated Gluten Free fryer! 

Great affordable prices too, entrees and sides all under $10.

Veggie Grill's headquarters is based in Santa Monica, California and 
is committed to redefining classic American made with 100% plants and 
without animal fat, dairy, trans fat, cholesterol and high fructose corn syrup 

Veggie Grill has eight locations in southern CA, Beaverton and 
Portland, Oregon and 
now 2 in the Seattle area including
South Lake Union and 
University Village - (Located in the old Barnes & Noble building, facing Apple Store.)

I love the bright colors and the modern decor as you walk in the front door.
They have outdoor seating at the U Village location with heaters and covered seating. 

The menus are on the walls so you can decide what you would like as you approach the order station.
I love the combination of wood, slick reflective walls and lights! 

Great seating options for large groups, small tables and booths.
The kitchen is partially opened so you can see your order being created as they get it!
I love the very well designed lighting throughout the restaurant that adds great attention to detail.

A self service station to get your utensils, ketchup, hot sauce and drinks including Organic teas.
They even have to-go-boxes ready for you to take your left-overs home if you have any.
I love that you can just take care of your self and yet their 
staff is wonderful at assisting you with anything you need. 

Look for Veggie Grill on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with events, specials and new locations. 

I can't wait to go back and try more delicious GF and Vegan foods for me, 
 from Veggie Grill! I can't wait for you to enjoy it too! 


Red Curry Pumpkin Soup With Coconut Milk

October 11th, 2012 at 2:04 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Today is 10.11.12 - not sure what it means
but I guess our Indian Summer is long gone.
It is now time for me to embrace FALL!!!
I can't think of a better way to do it than by making some
warm and spicy soup with my favorite ingredients!

I wanted to make something relatively fast and easy.
I also wanted to incorporate Organic ingredients without preservatives,
so I thought about the Fall flavors that I was craving and came up with this
very easy soup that takes 5 minutes to mix the ingredients and
1 hour in the slow cooker.
How great is that?!

Red Curry Pumpkin Soup With Coconut Milk

1 1/2 cans Organic Pumpkin
1 can Organic Coconut Milk 
2 tsp Red Curry powder
1/4 tsp Aji Amarillo powder, Zócalo - heat level 6
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 onion, finely chopped
1 tsp chopped garlic 
fresh ground black pepper to taste
Pepitas or Pumpkin seeds to garnish.

Put all of the ingredients into the slow cooker and cook on high for 30 minutes.  Stir a few times and reduce the heat to low for the final 30 minutes or until you are ready to serve.

Scoop into bowls and top with generous pinches of Pepitas. and add an extra pinch of smoked sea salt!
I like the extra crunch from the Pepitas when you mix them in.

Just a few thoughts about my choices for ingredients ...

I use Organic pumpkin from a can because it is fast and easy.
Better yet it was in my pantry because I always buy extra this time of year!

I also like to use the coconut milk from a can for this soup because it adds an
 extra rich, thick and creaminess that I want in this soup.

Red Curry just seems like the perfect spice to add a little kick to the pumpkin
and compliment the coconut milk.

Cinnamon + Pumpkin = Always Perfect!

I highly recommend that you stock your kitchen with a few of my favorites that I use all of the time.
Smoked Sea Salt, Aji dried spices and Organic Mesquite honey.

I use dried Aji Amarillo because I wanted to add a smoky flavor to the red curry with
some extra-extra-kick!
You can use a red pepper chili flakes and pimenton as a substitute if you don't have Aji on hand.

My how I love to slow cook ....
maybe Fall isn't so bad after all.

Let's see ... who should I share this jar of 
Red Curry Pumpkin Soup with ...


INTRIGUE CHOCOLATE CO. – Make A KickStarter Pledge Today!

October 9th, 2012 at 10:44 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Have you ever taken a bite of something so decadent that you just melt.
I am talking about making you speechless and 
literally making your senses come together in perfect harmony!

Intrigue Chocolate Co. and their Jamaican Hot Truffle Bar did it to me! 

I recently melted over my new love from 
a lovely, Seattle company, in Pioneer Square that started in 2006.

My favorite ...
Truffle Bars, so beautifully shaped in a rectangular bar, packaged in silver, soft decadent
and just a bit bigger than a traditional truffle ball.  
Ok, it is equal to 8 Truffles but really ... who is counting?!

You can slice it any way you like it!

The decadent Truffle Bar flavors -
 Jamaican Hot 
Fortunato #4 
Zoka Moka Latte

Intrigue Chocolate Co. makes traditional Seasonal Truffles 
and Hot Cocoas as well.

Intrigue Chocolate Co. is the creation of Aaron Barthel - Chocolatier.
Aaron started his chocolate truffle passion as a hobby 
that he finessed while working with friends at a catering business. 
The requests for his chocolates grew so much that 
 he decide to venture out on his own to start his company.

I asked Aaron about my absolute favorite and he says that,
"Jamaican Hot was his first experiment 12 years ago, 
it's what got me hooked on this exploration of flavors."

Aaron also says that "for most of their chocolate they use 
70% Belgian chocolate (blended origins) 
that suits our very specific requirements." 

All of their chocolates are handmade -
which brings us to their special, newly designed packaging. 
Since they are a small company, they need support to pay for the
 cost of the production of the new packaging. 

They decided to create a KickStarter project.

One design allows for the truffles to get just enough air, without crushing them.
The Truffle Bars have a new label that identifies their intriguing flavor!  

Intrigue Chocolate Co. needs your support today with 
19 days left for their KickStarter project. 

By Sunday, October 28, 2012 - 10 PM EDT
they need to reach their goal of $10,000.

As of right now they have $8,480 
and are so close to making this 
all wrap up nicely with your support!

Pledges range from $5 to $1,000 or more.
Every pledge helps so please share this with your friends.

Just imagine how great you will feel every time 
you see someone enjoying 
a beautifully wrapped
Intrigue Chocolate Co. 
Support your favorite local chocolate business today! 

To see the video and learn more about their new packaging please click on the link below ...

As Aaron says, the flavor list is his pride and joy. 
He loves to experiment with new flavors.

Click on this link - Intrigue Chocolate Co. -  to go to their website to learn more 
Truffle of the month club!

chocolates are 
the perfect present to yourself 
as a hostess gift for a dinner party!


*Update as of 10/282012 They are just 6 hours away from the final ring of the bell to complete their KickStarter project! I am happy to say they have met their goal of $10,000 and have almost doubled it.
As of right now they have $19,025 just shy of actually doubling the goal!

Organic Sweet Red Pepper Sauce

October 7th, 2012 at 9:16 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I feel so spoiled the past few weeks. 
It is pepper season in the Pacific Northwest! 
We are getting the most beautiful
  Organic Sweet Red Peppers 

I decided to make a simple ...

Organic Sweet Red Pepper Sauce 

2-3 Organic Sweet Red Peppers
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 tsp Sea Salt 
1 tsp lemon juice

Cut the stems off of the peppers. 
Since the peppers are sweet it is up to you if you want to use them. 
I like to use some seeds because they add more flavor to the sauce.
(I also don't like to waste anything if at all possible.)

Add all the ingredients into your food processor and pulse to desired texture.

You could roast these peppers for a smoky sweet flavor 
but for this time
 I wanted something fast to enjoy on top of my 
Organic Romano Beans!

Luckily I made some extra and saved some in a Weck Jar
The lemon juice and sea salt not only enhance the flavor of the pepper 
but also act as a natural preservative. 

The next morning, 
I indulged myself with more 
Organic Red Pepper Sauce 
on top my poached eggs 
and a piece of 
crispy, crunchy Gluten Free toast!

A few days later I decided to make a light Gluten Free pasta dish.
Instead of using a tomato sauce I roasted some tomatoes - from Persephone Farm 
and added some 
of my 
Organic Red Pepper Sauce

I made extra, put it in canning jars, chilled and took it to a picnic for the next day! 



Roasted Hatch Pepper Sauce – Muy Caliente!

October 6th, 2012 at 10:49 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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There is something about the nip in the air and the leaves changing hues that makes me want my 
Roasted Hatch Pepper Sauce!

I discovered my love of all peppers, especially Hatch Peppers growing up in Texas.
I love Hatch Peppers because the flavor isn't just about being hot,
it has a subtle floral flavor and earthy green notes, terroir!

Hatch Chile Peppers are grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico 
along the Rio Grande River. 
The peppers can range from mild to spicier more like a jalapeños.  
Since they are grown in the southwest it can sometimes be hard to 
purchase the much sought after  - Hatch Pepper

Thank goodness for Whole Foods Markets!
The Whole Foods Market stores in the Seattle area are having a Hatch Pepper Sale. 
 I went in the other day just to buy some Hatch Peppers.  
Lucky for me they had Roasted Hatch Peppers. 

Let's just say I have been in Happy Hatch Pepper Heaven since I brought them home!

I tend to like the spicier side to life! 

Roasted Hatch Pepper Sauce 

1 1/2 cups Roasted Hatch Peppers 
1 medium purple onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves
1/4 cup Spanish Olive Oil - plus more for desired consistency
1 Tbs. lemon or lime juice 

Carefully, cut the stems off of the Hatch Pepper. 
TIP - the spice from the pepper comes from the seeds so use the seeds.
Use little to no seeds for mild sauce and more seeds for hotter.

The lemon or lime juice and sea salt not only enhance the flavor of the pepper 
but also act as a natural preservative. 

Put all of the ingredients into the food processor.
Chop to desired consistency.  
I like to keep it at a paste texture and then I add a little more olive oil if I want it thinner. 
For eggs, tacos and dips I like to keep it thick.

Please note as with everything the melding time is key! 
More time = more flavor and sometimes hotter.

When you roast the Hatch Pepper, I think the smoky flavor enhances the floral and green notes.
If you can't find the roasted peppers it is easy to roast them yourself on a grill.  Be sure to turn them over to get all sides.  Keep the black skin for the smoky flavor.

As I mentioned this think of this as a very versatile condiment. 
Add the Hatch Pepper Paste or Sauce to 
sour cream to make a dip with corn chips.

Add a little mayo for a sandwich or burger spread!

Perfect pairing mixed in with guacamole!

Or just use it as is for 
every meal with - eggs, beans, meat and tacos!

If you make a double batch and you are not sure you can eat it all,
put it in a freezer bag and freeze it! 


Organic Roasted Pepper and Tomato Salsa!

September 26th, 2012 at 10:09 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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 The other night I was standing in my kitchen, 
looking at the most beautiful Organic Tomatoes and Peppers from my CSA
I knew what I had to do ... 
salsa time!

 I love making my variations of my homemade salsa.  
I say variations because I seem to do it a little differently each time I make it,
depending on my mood and the season. 
There was a little nip in the air so it made me want to heat things up a bit by roasting my ingredients with hot and sweet peppers.
I usually like it real hot! 

I sauteed some purple onions in a pan with olive oil to let them get just slightly brown along the edges.
When the onions were done I turned the heat off, 
added my half sliced tomatoes, cut side down.  
The pan was still hot so the tomatoes had a chance to absorb the olive oil and onion flavors while slightly cooking in the pan.  I put a lid on the pan for about 1 minute to add a quick burst of heat
 and then set the pan aside to cool.

In the meantime, I chopped my Organic Peppers into slices and roasted them in my 
T-Fal ActiFry for 5 minutes.
I let them cool, them added them to my mini food processor with 
6-12 sliced jalapeños to coarsely chop.

Once the ingredients in the pan were cooled I added 1/4 cup to 
my mini food processor for a quick chop chop.
I removed the coarsely chopped salsa and placed it in a bowl.
I added more ingredients and made it a little thinner, pulsed to a thick puree. 
I continued this process until all the ingredients were chopped and added it to the bowl.

I added a few more ingredients - 
 1 teaspoon of fresh chopped garlic
1 teaspoon of Smoked Sea Salt
fresh ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried Aji Limo - heat level 8

Mix well and serve room temperature or chilled. 
We didn't want to wait so we dove right in! 

If you can wait, it is always better to allow for a little bit of time for the flavors to meld. 
1 hour should be good.  
Overnight is always better so I secretly put some in a container
and into the refrigerator for the next morning to have with my eggs!

Muy Bueno! 

I hope there are more Organic Peppers and Tomatoes in this week's CSA from Persephone Farm!


Smitten With My T-Fal ActiFry

September 25th, 2012 at 9:47 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I love it when I get a new, well designed kitchen gadget or appliance! 
When I received this as a birthday gift this year I couldn't wait to get it open and start using it!

Let me just say that the
is on 
my favorites list.

Before I even get started to tell you how much fun I have had 
with my T-Fal,  
 do yourself a favor and put it on your holiday wish list now.  
It is definitely going to be the hot gift item of 2012!

The timing was perfect when I got this because 
my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 
weekly supply started at the same time.  
You can see that I have used all sorts of vegetables to cook 
with minimal oil
I use olive oil and usually less than the 
recommend tablespoon, to make perfectly cooked food.

Yellow Wax Beans
Romano Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes 
and so much more!

The T-Fal ActiFry cooks your favorite veggies in approximately 
10-20 minutes using a 
pulsating heating system 
and stirring paddle.  
The food continuously moves so that all you have to do is 
add the food, turn it on, set the timer and wait for it to be done. 
The stirring paddle is great because it makes sure that 
all of the food is evenly coated. 
You use so little oil that everything still has a good texture and flavor.  
Add your favorite fresh or dried seasonings.
I love using fresh garlic, onions, sea salt and black pepper.
It is so easy!

I clean my vegetables and pat dry them in a clean kitchen towel.
I like cut it into uniform pieces to make sure everything cooks evenly. 
This is also a great way to start a recipe and help you multitask in the kitchen.
It is a big help for me to get all parts of the meal ready at the same time.

I dry roasted some peppers last night to make salsa! 
It turned out great! 

Cooking with the T-Fal helped turn me onto some new favorite vegetables too.
I think the Romano Beans are my absolute favorite with Spring Onions!

The Yellow Wax Beans look like French Fries so it is a great way to ...
fool the best Fry connoisseurs out there!

There is a removable paddle and coated pan for easy clean up.  
Both are dishwasher safe.  

Snack time or anytime! 
You don't have to miss French Fries anymore!
Use fresh or frozen potatoes to make your favorites.

Just think ... now you can make 
healthier French Fries at home.
My friends and family find any excuse to come to my house lately ...
hmmm ...
I wonder why?!?!

I love making Aji Spiced Sweet Potato Fries 
Garlic Rosemary Yukon Gold Fries!

TIP - If you use frozen fries - no oil is needed!

I have to say that this has been so much fun cooking with it over the summer.
 I didn't have to heat up the house to use the oven.
No heavy lifting!
Easy Clean Up!

I love love love my T-Fal! 


P.S.  I did not get paid to say the statements above. They are my own opinion that I share with you to make your life a little simpler and tastier! For more information on where to buy ... aka ... put on your wish list - click T-Fal ActiFry website.

The Unlikely Spaniard Cooks Up Paella At Your Event!

September 19th, 2012 at 10:00 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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I must admit it ... I am passionate about Paella!
It truly is my favorite meal to make and eat! 
There is just something about the process of making the meal 
outside over a hot wood burning fire pit.  
If you don't have a fire pit you can use a propane Paella burner.  
It isn't just about an awesome meal with friends and family ... it is a fiesta! 

I love adding the layers of the Paella and chatting with friends 
over a glass of Grenache or Tempranillo and tapas while the Paella is cooking, approximately 2 hours.  
Depending on the type of Paella you make, Vegetarian or with meat,  I usually add the vegetables and meat - pork or chicken and Spanish chorizo first to coat and season the pan. Once the ingredients are incorporated I add the rice.  I let the rice get a little crusty, picking up the caramelized, sticky bits from the meat and vegetable coating. 
Now here is the point where most "Paella-afficiandos" differ ... 
I add the saffron broth after the rice - without stirring!
The way I learned to make Paella is to never stir it because this cooks the flavor into the rice and makes for a crunchy and sticky texture to the meal.  When there is just a bit of the broth left, I add the seafood - muscles, langoustine or prawns and clams. 
It really is easy and fun to make but for some people it is best left to the Paella experts.

Well if you have never made Paella but want to have a Paella Party you are in luck! 
The Unlikely Spaniard is a catering company that specializes in Paella Events throughout Washington.

Well, this brings me to this past weekend. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Preston Todd - The Unlikely Spaniard.
We enjoyed a brief chat about our passion for Paella!
We chatted about the various techniques to make Paella.  
Preston went to Spain and it sounds like he learned from the best over 3 years of training! 

The Unlikely Spaniard is family owned and operated business.  I met Preston and his beautiful family  - teenage daughters and nephew this past weekend while they were operating their booth at the Taste of Lynnwood on Bainbridge Island. The kids enjoy helping out with the service and social media side of the business.  They are all very professional and lovely.

Preston says that they cater private and corporate events throughout Washington State.  
I asked Preston how he became so passionate about Paella.  Preston is from Montana and his wife is Peruvian with a passion for all things Spanish!  He told me that when he and his wife lived in the U District they rented a room to a visiting Professor named Azucea from Spain.  She would stay with them for 3 months every year for 13 years. Over the years they traveled to Spain and Preston learned, slowly how to become a "Paellero" -  a Paella Chef! 
Since the very beginning of their friendship they are now more like family visiting yearly.  
Their families' passion for Paella has turned into a very delicious business! 

"Paella is a religion! A lot of people make Paella differently ... I love it! 
I'm from Montana and that is why I am 
The Unlikely Spaniard!" - Preston Todd

I am so glad that I had a chance to meet Preston and his family.  
The Paella was awesome! 
I highly recommend The Unlikely Spaniard for your next event! 
Check out their website to see everything that they can 
make for your perfect Paella Event! 
I can only imagine how good their flan and tapas must be! 
 Look at their website for their menu

For more information contact via email Preston Todd, or call 206 384 3166 to cater your events.
You can also follow The Unlikely Spaniard on Facebook and twitter @PaellabyPreston.


Free Celiac Disease Screening – University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center – Oct. 13, 2012

September 12th, 2012 at 8:43 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
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Attend a free celiac disease blood screening

We screen 500+ people every fall

Every fall, we hold a free blood screening to test people at risk for celiac disease. We test more than 500 participants who come to the University of Chicago from all over the country. Many of the participants would not otherwise have access to celiac disease testing because either their doctors refused to carry out the tests, their insurance would not cover the cost, or they were uninsured altogether.
You are eligible for this free blood screening if you are at risk for celiac disease and are eating a regular, gluten-containing diet. There is no need to fast before the test.
In addition to screening more than 500 participants—thanks to the generosity of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Prometheus Laboratories—our panel of experts takes questions from the audience and our exhibitors showcase delicious gluten-free products.

The next screening is October 13, 2012

Registration for the screening is essential. You may register by submitting an inquiry from the Contact Us page of our website or by calling our office at 773-702-7593.Registration opens August 20, 2012. We require a brief phone consultation before you register to determine your eligibility.
The blood screening is held on the 4th floor of the University of Chicago Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (5758 S. Maryland Avenue). Directions
The test performed is the tTG-IgA, or anti-tissue transglutaminase test. This test is the most sensitive screening test available for celiac disease.
The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center would like to give a special thanks to Thermo Fisher Scientific and Prometheus Laboratories.

I received this information from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. Please contact them at for more info regarding their research, programs, fundraising and events.
If you live in the area or plan on visiting Chicago to attend this event, please make sure you register.  Pleases share this posting with your family and friends.


Thank you!

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