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Gluten-Free Gimbal’s All Natural Licorice

August 15th, 2013 at Thu, 15th, 2013 at 6:43 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie

Made in the USA! Gluten-Free Gimbal’s All Natural Licorice Scottie Dogs are so soft and cute!         I am a big fan of these Licorice Scotties! Let me just say that I bought these for my mother because she loves licorice.  Honestly, I usually prefer something else like a hard candy or chocolate bar. When I looked at the bag I was very impressed that they were not only Gluten-Free but Allergen Free. So I bought the bag for her as a treat.

We opened the bag and when I saw the cute Scotties and felt how soft they were I couldn’t resist.  One bite and I was hooked! I love love love Gimbal’s Natural Licorice Scottie Dogs! The flavor is good and natural but not too strong.  The candy is kinder on your teeth, not too sticky.


Gimbal’s Gourmet Candies has been making candies, for four generations, in San Francisco, CA  since 1898.  They are so dedicated to their candy making that their motto is -

“Making Gourmet Candy For Everyone Everyday!”


Gluten-Free Gimbal’s All Natural Licorice is made with real licorice root and pure anise.

The Candy Kitchen at Gimbal’s is proud to be Kosher Pareve.

Gluten Free

Peanut Free and Tree Nut Free

Dairy and Egg Free

Trans Fat Free

Gelatin Free

Soy Free

All of their candy is Allergen Free and says so on the packaging. They also offer a variety of Gourmet Jelly Beans, Sour Gourmet Beans and  a variety of additional seasonal favorites.  You can buy their Gourmet Candies directly online.  Check out their site at –

I found my Gimbal’s at a local Specialty Food Store in Poulsbo, WA – Marina Market where you can find more Gluten-Free foods and treats!

Go ahead! Sometimes you just need some Gourmet Gimbal’s Candy to make you feel even sweeter! 



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