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Eggs-traordinary Easter Eggs!

April 21st, 2011 at 3:13 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
The winner so far ...

Local farm fresh chicken eggs ... poached!
Such a beautiful little pillow! 

This is how I make poached eggs
You will need ... patience and ..
deep pot
medium to large slotted spoon
fresh filtered water
2 Tbs white vinegar
farm fresh eggs - chicken or duck

Fill the deep pot just above half way.
Bring the pot of water to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer.
Add the vinegar and carefully
break an egg into a bowl, this way if you break the yolk it won't mess up the water in the pot,
then add the egg, to the hot water.
Let the egg drop to the bottom and as it slowly starts to form the white edges
use a slotted spoon to wrap the whites around the yolk.
The egg should rise as it cooks.  The egg is ready, approximately 1-2 minutes,
when the egg is floating and the whites are not translucent.

You can add an additional egg to the one in the pot
but I would wait until the white starts to form on the first one so they don't stick together.
I don't like to poach more than 2 eggs at a time.

You can put them in cold, iced water in a bowl if you are trying to make a bunch for a family brunch.  If you do this you will just need to warm them in the hot water.
Take the slotted spoon, carefully scoop the egg out of the iced water and gently put into the hot water for 1-2 seconds. Take them out with the slotted spoon and serve!

Toast some of your favorite Gluten Free bread, and butter or non-dairy butter and place the egg on top!
I sprinkle Matiz Smoked Sea Salt on top and some fresh ground black pepper.

Then I pierce the top to make sure that the  ...
egg-splosive gooey mess ...
egg-sactly goes all over every bite ...

That's all ... yolks!
Hoppy Easter!


Eggsperiment – Goose Eggs vs Chicken Eggs

April 18th, 2011 at 8:37 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
Last week I talked about how fun it was to meet Patti Dusbabek at the Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market.  Well, I went back over the weekend to pick up my duck eggs and to my surprise Patti was sold out even before the market opened.  It seems that duck eggs are all the rage right now!
Who knew?
I thought I would be brave and go for the big ones this week ...
Goose Eggs!

This line up of eggs ... Goose Eggs
Fun to see the various sizes and weights.  The largest weighing in at ....

Goose vs Chicken

The obvious visual comparisons are color and texture of the shell.  The yolk of the Goose Egg was a bright golden yellow.  The weight is unbelievable when you put them in your hands.  There is a noticeable almost shocking difference, I am almost afraid to see what it is like to crack it open ...

It took quite a whack to crack that shell open.  Suddenly this bright yellow yolk rolled out of the shell, I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was enormous! The eggs reminded me of a field trip, in grade school that we took to see the dinosaur exhibit.  I have to say I feel like an egghead saying this but I was a little concerned that a baby dinosaur was in there and glad that was not the case ...

Let's just say I had to use quite a bit of energy to whip this Goose Egg up with a whisk! It was thick like molasses to get it to incorporate with the whites. Just as I would let it sit for a minute it would separate so be prepared to get a workout. 
 To give you some perspective I decided to measure the amount of the egg ... yolk and all!
Just over 2/3 cup!  
In comparison that is equivalent to approximately 3 grade A large chicken eggs sold at the grocery store.

Goose Egg Frittata
No frills, just a dash of fleur de sel just - wanted to see what the fluff would be like.
When I served it I added, thyme, tarragon and fresh ground black pepper.  I wanted to see what the flavor of the egg was like without adding too many other ingredients.
The Goose Egg ... flavorful yet not as light as a chicken egg. They are a richer egg.  Not sure that I could eat them all the time or a large portion. The aroma as I was cooking it was strong.  I am going to try to cook the Goose Egg in a few other ways but can't imagine what a hard boiled would be like! Easter is around the corner ... might be kinda cool ...

So let's get to the yolk of the comparison ...

Goose Eggs
calories 266
protein 19.97
fat 19.11
calcium 86 mg
iron 5.24 mg
cholesterol  1227
lutein 636 mcg

Chicken Egg - extra large size
calories 80
protein 7.04
fat 5.57
calcium 30 mg
iron 1.02 mg
cholesterol 237
lutein 185 mcg

So the Goose Egg and Chicken Egg are somewhat comparable in nutrition.  Obviously the Goose Egg is three times as much and sometimes more in protein, calcium and cholesterol.

This is a good option for some people that have egg allergies or who may need more protein in their diets.  Please consult your doctor to see if this may be a good eggsperiment for you!

From one good egg to another ...
break out of your egg routine and try something a little ... quacky ... or just local!

More Eggsperiments to follow soon!


Gluten Free Macaroons – "Dawg On" Cute!

April 14th, 2011 at 12:38 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie

If you love cookies and love dogs then this is the perfect treat -
 human treat
 that is ...
for you, your friends and family!
these cute little treats are
made by

The cookies are called Zelda Cookies because the pictures are of Zelda, an English Bulldog.
Zelda and her owner, Carol Gardner started their life together after Carol's divorce.
Zelda started her modeling career after her mother dressed her up, snapped some pics and entered them into a Christmas card contest at a local pet store. 
Well the rest is "dawg on" history ...
Zelda won 40 lbs of dog food!
Carol sent the winning Christmas cards out to friends, family and they were a big hit!

Since then her mother and personal photographer have made a career of Zelda wisdom by adding some great barks and her famous photos to cards and other gifts. 
Some of the famous barks from Zelda ...
"Life is tough ... wear a helmet"
"Enjoy life ... this is not a rehearsal"
and my absolute favorite ...
"Go Bra-less it pulls the wrinkles down"
Needless to say, Zelda has a great following as "Spokes Dog" for the Delta Society Pet Partners dedicated to raising human-animal healing bond.  When Zelda isn't at a photo shoot she is a therapy dog helping children with learning disabilities.

When I asked Nicole about the idea of the picture of the bulldog on the Macaroons, she said,
"I met Zelda and her owner, Carol Gardner three years ago on the Martha Stewart Show.
They came walking out on stage with Zelda (the bulldog) wearing a pink tu-tu, and a tiara.  OMG - I thought immediately, I have to do something special with them, since my business is basically Whimsical Specialty Products. 
 Zelda fit the bill perfectly!"

Nicole also noted that she also learned that Carol has Celiac Disease,
and this is what inspired me to create an absolutely delicious
as well as placing Zelda's famous edible images on each cookie. 
The cookies are made by hand with eggs and almond flour. For more info about ingredients, price and any questions please contact Nicole Cartier.

You can order CUSTOM ZELDA GLUTEN FREE COOKIES with special messages or sayings. 
You can also special order SUGAR FREE COOKIES.
 Please call or contact  Nicole Cartier (email link) or via phone 888 859 0052.

I was so delighted when I received my beautiful package of Zelda Gluten Free Macaroons.
Enjoy these tasty little treats!
You will beg for more ...

Farmers’ Market Season

April 10th, 2011 at 5:56 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
I think this is one of my favorite seasons, you know when the trees are sort of blooming, a bit of fresh green here and there and the calendar says it is Spring.  In my community when the Farmers' Markets come back out of hiding from a long winter's sleep it is a grand event.  It is the perfect place to find  Natural Organic Gluten Free treats too!

Well, yesterday I met some of the sweetest people at the Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market, held in Winslow at Town Square in City Hall Park from 9AM - 1PM every Saturday from April 9, 2011 thru October 29, 2011.
I woke up early yesterday morning, looked outside and checked the temperature to decide the appropriate amount of layers for the day.  I chose one layer and a down coat, scarf (it was cold) and tennis shoes. As soon as I got dressed and grabbed my favorite basket with strong leather handles I was off to find some organic treats and hopefully a good parking spot!  My timing was perfect, nice and early really is the way to go.  I love watch the final touches as each farmer or crafts person sets up and  readies themselves for the flow of islanders and visitors for the mornings festivities.  I scoped out the vendors in the area a few times to find something that would send me off in a new direction in my kitchen once I got the treasure home.  It turned out to be fresh organic brown chicken eggs! They were so beautiful I just had to take them home.
 I also discovered the sweetest lady, who sold me the eggs, by the name of Patti Dusbabek.  She told me that she owned Holly Lane Gardens - a Farm, Bed and Breakfast, Event Facility sitting on nine acres on the island. I stopped to talk to her because she had the most beautiful eggs in every color and size - chicken, duck and goose! The big talk yesterday was about the goose eggs! The chicken $5 for a dozen, duck $6 dozen and goose $5 for six.  Patti told me that they all taste about the same.  All fresh and full of good protein.  She also told me that most people with egg allergies can eat duck and/or goose eggs with no reactions.  I told her that I was going to buy her eggs for the next few weeks and use them in my recipes to see if I notice anything different.  Stay tuned for the full egg report ... it sure to be more than cracked up, scrambled and a bit poached in the coming weeks.

It was so fun walking about chatting with new and old friends.  The music was playing from some local musicians.  It was so festive and fun to know that everyone made the effort to come out and support the island's market in spite of the construction.

Just off to the side from the main market is the Youth Market.  I was so impressed with the artistic talents within my community.  I spoke to all of the artist and learned that their market is in high demand and thus the need for a separate space from the main market as to not distract from the adults ... eh um! Their work is that good! I spoke to June, 12 years old who told me she has been selling her jewelry for 3 years. She decided to make jewelry after taking a class. Her parents help her get supplies but otherwise this young entrepreneur is multitasking and not sitting still or idle by any means.  June continued to make the jewelry as I talked to her about her passion for jewelry making.  You can also find some absolutely gorgeous wood carvings and more crafts as the season gets into full swing in the coming weeks.  The Youth Market has student musicians scheduled throughout the season as well. 
Please be sure to shop at the Youth Market and select some treasures and gifts for your family and friends.

Please be aware that there is major construction going on during this time on the main street, Winslow Way. Please be prepared to need a little more time to find parking, within walking distance of the market. Don't let it deter you just please be patient during the revitalization of the town.

 Thank you for supporting your local Farmers' Markets, in all weather -
rain, sunshine, cold and construction!
I look forward to seeing you at the Farmers' Markets this season!


Let the #Foodcaching Game Begin!

April 9th, 2011 at 12:54 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
Just in case you are needing the details check out this page on how to get points for the launch today of @Foodcaching


Gluten Free Menu at @OsteriaLaSpiga
Capitol Hill neighborhood


Gluten Free – Think Thin Snack Bars

April 5th, 2011 at 9:04 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
Do you ever run out of the house wishing you had something easy to grab because you know you are going to be hungry in an hour? Let's face it there are few healthy Gluten Free  options for something fast to eat. Well ... I have the perfect solution ... Think Thin Products.
Let's just say I have added these yummy bars to my Gluten Free stash drawer for sharing in my kitchen to grab and go! Perfect size for your purse or pocket.

I was recently sent some samples of Think Thin ProductsThese bars come in a variety of flavors.  I tried the Brownie Crunch, Chocolate Fudge and the White Chocolate.  I must say they are a tasty way to curb a craving and give you a good snack - No Sugar, High Protein - 20 grams and the best part, they are Gluten Free! The protein comes from soy, almonds and whey. One bar will keep you satisfied for hours.

I like these, not because they promote weight managment, but because they are a healthy snack for people with Celiac Disease and Diabetes when you are on the go and need to keep your energy up.

You can buy the bars on the web site in so many more flavors such as; Chocolate Strawberry, Lemon Cream Pie, Tangerine Cremesicle and more. Click on this link to see Think Thin promos - and let them know you heard about them on the Gluten Free Foodies blog.  You can also find them at Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joes.

Grab and go ... Enjoy!

Finding Gluten Free Restaurant Deals – Foodcaching

April 4th, 2011 at 10:32 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
I love love love to find good deals and Gluten Free food!  FOODCACHING is the latest and greatest way to go out with your friends to find good deals and food that everyone can eat and enjoy!

It is the latest in Social adventures with food and geocaching to find great deals and new restaurants for your favorite foods including Gluten Free food!

Just download the FREE APP  for iPhone and Android users at

Sign up by creating a user name and password, add your preferences to find the foods that you like - YES! there is a VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE option! Put in your locations or favorite neighborhoods that you frequent and your done. 

You will get real time info on deals happening at participating restaurants! So you may be thinking ... what kind of deals are we talking about ... How does this sound? "Five tables open at 6 PM.  Make a reservation for one of the five tables and get 30% off the total bill!

All you need to get deals like this and more is to sign up, hunt and go!  Share the deals with your friends, brag about it and participate in the game if you want and get Food Cash Points.  How fun is that?!?!

You don't have to prepay for the deal or print anything out. 
Just show your phone!

"Cooking starts with freshness and continues with treating ingredients with attention.  Foodcaching makes dining out a fun adventure by playing against friends or earning bragging rights on the leaderboard, " chef in the hat Thierry Rautureau owner of Luc and Rover's Restaurants. "Consumers can simply set their cuisine, location, and even dietary preferences to uncover better food experiences by geochaching."

The restaurants have full control to post real time deals when they want to.  It is a win-win for the restaurants and consumers.  To launch the latest and greatest new App in Seattle ...

Foodcaching Grand Opening  is a Treasure Hunt-style Event,
 Saturday, April 9th at La Spiga

The launch event is a geocaching-style food adventure game celebrating the official launch of Foodcaching in Seattle. Official Foodcaching Teams (OFTs) compete for points during a predetermined time period. The OFT's charity or 501.c non-for-profit organization with the most points receives a $1,000 monetary donation by Foodcaching. The winning OFT will be announced at a "Foodcaching Happy Hour" the night of Saturday April 9th.
For more info about the event and how to play - FOODCACHING SEATTLE LAUNCH

No time to set up a team, no worries join the public event to celebrate the launch in Seattle.

Foodcaching was developed by former Microsoft General Manager, Davide Vigano and powered by Light Vantage, LLC in Redmond, WA.

Have fun on your Foodcaching adventure ...


Favorite Tools In My Gluten Free Kitchen

March 30th, 2011 at 2:53 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
This week Huffington Post posted an article from the
asking the question of 13 Chef's 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools.  It made me think about my tools, my drawers and shelves of tools that I love in my kitchen.  What tools would be on my list?  Well, oddly enough over the weekend I realized what my top 2 favorite things are in my kitchen.  One was almost taken away from me.  I have a deep love for my iphone and my laptop.  I love them because they make my life fun and easy.  I can take notes about recipes or food easily on my iphone or laptop, easy Internet access wherever I go and when I discover something awesome I can take pictures instantly.  Of course, I also write my blog on my laptop and thus the story ...

Well, Saturday morning was not good from the start.  I woke up feeling as if I had been tossed about and beaten. It was a cold, grey ... extra dreary day ... not sure why I got out of bed but I did.  I made my coffee and crawled over to my computer.  I had just a sip or two and BOOM!  I dropped my cup of coffee all over my laptop! I acted quickly and turned the computer over...screamed...and said a few words that a lady should not say in public but since I was in my own home .... $#@+!!!! ... took the battery out ... grabbed towels and coddled it as if it were a screaming baby. 
All I could do was sit in front of it ... looking and wanting to sob but my body hurt too much.  I was in shock and then began to think of everything that was in that laptop ...

When I turned over and placed it in a safe spot away from sun and other elements, I propped it up on a bunch of microfiber extra absorbent towels hoping to draw any moisture out of it ASAP! I called and texted a few people to ask .... What the heck do I do?1? Can it be saved?!?! People suggested putting it in a brown paper bag with rice.  Rice in a Gluten Free kitchen, I've got that! The computer guy said, don't do it because it will make it worse.  I ended up putting a small dish of the rice below the computer,
not touching it, hoping that maybe it would just do something to help draw any last few drops of the coffee out.  It was suggested to me to wait at least 48 hours - Do not touch it or turn it back over!
 ... walk away from the laptop. 

Now ... I am not a patient woman when I want something to happen.  I prefer to say that I am a passionate woman because when I feel connected to something that is so near and dear to my heart I want it NOW... not wait and see what may happen in 48 hours!

Let's just say it was a very hard 48 hours to pass ... but all is sort of well ... the screen has a few blemishes ... the keyboard lost a key ... I had to give it CPR of sorts with compressed air ... the keyboard also got a good swabbing with alcohol  and Q-tips several times while the battery was still out to take away the stickies and stains. Even now as I type I have a sudden urge for a great big cup of coffee ... where is that aroma coming from as the whooshing sound of my fingers hit the keys ... grrr ...
and yet I am thankful that I still have my old friend of exactly one year and twenty two days!

My Gluten Free Kitchen Favorites ...
This list is in no particular order.  Probably more than 5 ... I can't bother to count them because I love them all equally ... all purchased over many years and at various stores across the country.

Offset spatula for decorating cakes, cupcakes, unsticking the sides of cake pans ...

Scoop measures to pour the exact amount - mini, medium or mega muffin. I use them to make waffles or pancakes or anything that has a batter or dough.

A good set of measuring spoons, I also have (not pictured) the rectangular ones that are great to get into spice jars.

Drizzle spoon - not sure if that is the real name but it is the spoon that looks like someone cut off the tip, great for ... drizzling chocolate or sauce on a cake or plate.

Parchment Paper is a MUST in a Gluten Free kitchen because the dough and batters are so sticky ... and it is so much easier to clean up! Toss in the trash, although I use mine a few times if I am making batch of cookies and there isn't a much of crumbs.

Spring scoops! Love them! As many sizes as you can find.  I would suggest at least a small, medium and large.

Microplane - I use it for lemons, limes and oranges.

Juicer with the scoop to catch the seeds!

These are actually Pit Mitts and they are used for outside grilling.  I use them inside because I hate to burn myself and it is so much easier to grab on to pans from the oven with the fingers free to move.  I also really like that they have the gripers on the for extra non-slip action ...
maybe I should have had them on that Saturday when I was drinking my coffee ... UGH!

I really like this handy little hook to hang the mitts off of my cabinet next to the stove for quick action!

I could go on ... kitchen aid standing mixer, whisks .... I love kitchen tools! I love plates, cake stands and the paper cups for cupcakes ... paella pans ... big serving dishes and little forks and knives to eat tapas or for spreading cheese or dips ... I could go on ...
I just love to make Gluten Free food and sharing this with you!

What are some of your favorites?

Thankful ...


Gluten Free Menu For Flavors of Mexico Event at Mexico Cantina 3.27.11

March 24th, 2011 at 1:42 pm by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie
Located on the top floor of Pacific Place in downtown Seattle.
600 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 


White fish ceviche marinated in fresh squeezed citrus juices served in fresh avocado halves
Citrus watercress salad
Watercress, crisp Jicama, orange and grapefruit wedges, avocado and toasted pepitas tossed in a pomegranate vinaigrette

Paired with Cazadores Silver and sangrita



White corn tortillas cooked in salsa roja, topped with crema, queso fresco, two eggs and cotija cheese.
Huevos Rancheros
Soft white corn tortillas stuffed with aged jack cheese and topped with eggs, ranchero sauce and queso fresco. Served with a side of refried beans.
Carne Tampiqueña
Grilled Painted Hills steak served with cheese enchiladas in mole sauce, rajas and refried beans.
Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos
Tacos filled with roasted sweet potatoes, rajas, a mix of jack cheese, goat cheese and queso fresco, topped with avocado and adovo mushrooms.
Chicken Mole
Fire-grilled chicken breast smothered in house-made mole sauce and topped with sliced avocado and sesame seeds;
served with Mexican rice and black beans

Paired with a refreshing Cazadores Jimador Paloma made with squirt and a splash of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.


Traditional Flan
A creamy traditional Mexican custard topped with caramel and orange confit
Paired with Cazadores Añejo

$25 + tax and tip, for a 3 course meal
parings of

Cazadores Tequila 
Space is limited and you must be a confirmed guest on the list to attend this event.
RSVP by 3.25.11 5 PM

Must be 21 or over to attend this event. Please drink responsibly.

Gluten Free Key Lime Cake Mix by Solterra Foods

March 20th, 2011 at 8:55 am by Lisa - Gluten Free Foodie

I am absolutely amazed that this Gluten Free Key Lime Cake is from a mix.  So much flavor, so moist! Unbelieveable! 
I love, love, love this Gluten Free Key Lime Cake!

It took just under two hours to mix, bake and decorate and devour!
Mix the ingredients - 3 minutes - oil (I used coconut), eggs, water and applesauce.
Pour it in a pan - 3 minutes - I used my little square pan for mini cakes.
Bake - 20-30 minutes depending on size of pan you use.
Cool time - one hour on a rack.
Decorate with Glaze or Icing - 3 minutes to make - add oil (I used coconut) and milk (I used coconut milk) to the packet and mix.  I used a bit more coconut milk then the directions suggested.  Approximately 3-5 minutes to drizzle the icing over the cake -  I love that the packet is inside the box so you don't have to buy extra.
Ok, it might have taken a little bit longer, I was distracted with cleaning the bowl and spoons after making the icing ... and enjoyed every last drop!
Solterra Foods has created Gluten Free Mixes including Key Lime, French Vanilla Mini Chip and Happy Body Brownie Mix.  You can order the mixes $6.99 online from their site.  They offer Gluten Free pasta, condiments and pizza, but are still working on a cost effective way to ship it frozen.  They are trying to get into stores across the country, so ask your favorite grocery store manager to start buying Solterra Foods so you and your Gluten Free Foodie friends can get it too!

I love that Solterra Foods are - Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, without the added saturated fats, preservatives and sugars. You will not believe how moist this cake is and the flavor.  Nobody will know it is Gluten Free or that is was made from a box! Our little secret ...
Elaine Valenza-Opdahl started making the products for her son who was diagnosed with a wheat allergy.  Her son has been living Gluten Free and has seen dramatic health improvements without missing his favorite foods thanks to mom!  Lucky for us she is now selling these products and will hopefully be in a store near you soon.

You will love the flavors from these little boxes too! As a matter of fact,
Solterra Foods just won an award at the Expo West Show for Best New Vegan Food!
Bravo! Solterra Foods!


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